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I've recovered from my trip to Atlantic City for the World Series of Poker Circuit Event at Casesars. Had an amazing time hanging with the crew up there! Several of us made nice runs and cashes in tournaments, which was great to see. And, of course, it was a blast railing those guys.

While I had an amazing time, poker could have been better. I think all of my big hands and bust out spots were pretty standard. I made my deepest run in Day 1B of Event 2. I managed to work my stack up to $27K at 600/1200 which was a workable stack at that point, but then I lost two really crucial flips. One where I opened from MP with AJdd and an 8bb stack shoved with 66. Lost that flip. Then lost 88 to AK a short time later to cripple me.

All in all, I am happy with how I played though and was stoked that some other guys had a bit of success.

Going to spend the rest of March grinding Poker Maximus, and then am going to take it kind of easy on the poker front until I leave for Las Vegas on May 25th to spend the summer out there for the WSOP.

Good luck to everyone else grinding Maximus!!

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