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Final Table $11 $2500 on Merge for 2nd and again no FkN Win!!!!!!!




Obv it's not about the money for me right now; As i am still in search of winning my first ever online mtt. Shure i have won a 4.40/180 or a multi sng and a few $109 satty tournaments. But if i have one thing on my to do list; It's to ship a fucking mtt with a guaranteed prize pool and entrants required by Pocketfives. Last night after a shit ton of 3 betting light and virtually no cards;"But who needs cards anyway". I was able to get to the final table with a decent but not great 35bb stack. I managed to spew off 30k of my 87k chip stack in a 3 bet 4 bet 5 bet raising war with (WhiteAdam) on Merge who tbh got the best of me before the FT bubble burst. I ended up having one minor lag issue and pretty much shitted away all of my time on the clock. So from the final table bubble until we got HU i ended up missing a few spots because of this.

I am in no way a player that makes excuses when i comes to playing poker. But honestly when i tell you i was tired from pulling 12hrs at work; That's just what it is, and i deal with this most of the time i play. Obv my mother and my two girls coming to New Orleans to visit, didn't help my focus during the final table. But after not seeing them for 2.5 years, the final table was the 2nd thing on my mind. For the most part i am very happy with the way that i played the entire mtt. When i needed to get active to maintain my stack i did that. And when i needed to slow down and be risk adverse i did that as well. I have a true belief that if all poker players were the same no one would make money. I am actually working on a few things in my early game, that helps me get to the middle game with less risk involved.

Lately a big problem for me has been getting into a few shitty spots early mtt; Therefore last night i decided to give a new stratergy a shot for my early game. It mainly consist of a few concepts i have picked up on from playing 6 max sng's. And i really like how some of the early game concepts apply to mtt early game as well. I actually keep a huge file on notepad that i use to fine tune my game and playing style. I truly know that a nitt will get deep in mtts; but never get paid off enough with thier premiums. It's sort of like getting dealt AA ten hands in a row deep in a mtt! Sure your going to be a favorite 83% of the time vs. all broadway/pairs/and suited cards. But the truth of the matter is that you will bust out of the tourney in the process; Or become very short stacked when it's said and done with. But there is always the chance that you get luckly as fuck and run pure for ten hands.

This brings me to a situation last night during the tournament, where a guy opened the HJ in front of me with around 30bb's. If i remember correctly i had around 24bb's or so with 87s or 58s on the button. This player had been fairly active and making a lot of opens in LP. During this time i had been fairly quiet and we are itm with around 25 players or so left. The blind levels were about to increase in about 3 min or so; And i felt like this was a good spot to add around 20% to my stack by 3-bet jamming. In most cases with this villan opening so often,I doubt he is willing to risk 3/4 of his stack here being so deep in the tourney. Also when he does call, most of the time my cards are live and not dominated; And lastly in a few min i will only have around 11-12bb's. And to honest, I am not the type to just sit around praying to get a hand. If i win i add 20% or so,and when called sometimes i will get there, and have a nice stack to work with. I play to win and to get deep in mtt's, and that's the only way imo. When i am deep enough to pick good spots and play postion and stay optimal, i will do that for sure. But if i am deep and at risk of becoming one dementional, i will opt for higher varaince play.

Obv there are times and places for slightly -ev plays in poker; And i am shure nobody will disagree with that point. But like anything else in life. It's not about when you do it, but more about how and how much. The concept is very simple!!! The bigger the stack the less risk are needed to be taken. The smaller the stack the more risk that are needed!!! It's a balance between good and evil!!! If you lean to much to either side, bad shit is going to happend. If you consider yourself a nitt, then consider yourself leaning to far to the right. If you consider yourself to be Lag your playing to far to the left ect. As long as you have a legit plan and stack sizes agree then follow your plan. IMO!!!!

Congrats: Cracker9ball(coach),Welovetilt(team101),Narcocop(team101),Macho2701,PIKK45,and Steve Lewis(Illinois boyz) for deep runs last night and or the rail!!! (Ebosia and Mel)

And to all the grinders who work every fucking day like i do; And still manage to run deep tired as fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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great job last night........it will come willis you work to hard at your game for it not to. and after the first win there will be more to come the first one is the hardest to get.......keep up the good play man

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Obv there are times and places for slightly -ev plays in poker; And i am shure nobody will disagree with that point.


I strongly disagree. Good read and good luck!

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keep grinding and don't worry about the first win. Play every hand the best you possibly can and let the smoke clear. No reason to add any pressure to yourself in this game.

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