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Playing Live This Week End @Beau Rivage Monthly 20K




This is actually my first blog post of 2013 while sitting in my work truck at Exxon Mobile Oil Refinery. It's been a nice bit since i have even played for real money tbh. The last time i actually played online was in Maximus 2012; And after a pretty disappointing series i decided to take a break from online and work on my game. Well anyway it's been about 5 long month and i have spent my time working 10-16 hr days at work. In between time i have been in a wedding or two and just having a good time when at all possible. Poker wise i am almost done with my new set-up that should help my game and volume out a ton. My last set-up was pretty slow to say the least and pretty much rigged up tilt issues.

Once i return to online poker next month i will have a super fast machine that i built myself; Along with some killer 2560 x 1440 resolution with dvi to boot. You can see the build in the poker forums here at pocketfives. This go round i plan to treat poker more like a business than a hobby; And i really look forward to improving my reads and hand range analylist for 2013. I just really feel for the most part that i have the drive to be a successful mid stakes mtt player online. But tbh i just need to have more self control and no when to give up in a hand. I really want to avoid the OH WHAT THE FLYING FUCK spots this year! Anyway i will be heading to Biloxi this weekend to play the monthly 20k they hold once a month.

I actually won this tournament in 2008 and i have pictures and an article somewhere around here, Or in my profile pics if im not mistaken. Anyway i love the live poker action and the interaction you have with the people and the chips. Pretty much just taking off a day from work to relax and have fun for a change. Hopefully with a little run good and a decent turnout, i might ship me a nice little cash for a one day event! Until then peace out Willmccoy>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!



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