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Tourney Kings for March/Review of Feb/No Shippaments yet/"Sigh" Overdue!!!




Ok so i played in 75 MTT's in Feb and ran 6/75 and $178 in cashes.

$178 cashes 0 profit ROi-78% Avg buy-in $11 Avg field-292 R/A-59% ITM/Played -6/75 ITM-8%

Over all i am in for $422.00 which can be covered with one deep run or ship according to the limits i currently play. Upon review of a few recent HH's i found that during the early stages of a few tournaments i was totally spewing to calling stations. My plan is too just keep it snug pre-ante period and roll from that point on. I found myself spewing off too randoms in a few MTT's; Where i would open preflop and c-bet/bet turn/bet river and get called by 55 on all streets. Obv i had AK on a board of Q-T-T-6-7 and villan called every street and won a nice pot.

Last night i decided that instead of getting upset, and going to sleep all pissed off! I felt it was a must that i review all of my huge lost pots, for the nightly after work session. Something that really hit me was the fact that; I was really pushing the marginal opens post antes. Obv i have a very good understanding of table dynamics and game flow; But was very upset with myself for how spewtastic i become post ante. I understand that some hands require that you open from any position; And that some spots require that you open anytwo ect. ect. But after going over a few spots last night, i really hated a ton of my opens vs. other somewhat thinking player types; As i was looking for spots to fight instead of carefully attacking the table and picking spots accordingly.

Overall i am very pleased with my understanding of raise/fold poker! I am not so happy with my induce for 3-bet/spazzaments play. I am also very leaky when it comes to just pulling the trigger when i am short stacked. I really feel like a weak bitch when i know i should be shoving a hand or going with it. I really hate my 15-20bb game and it needs work, and it will be addressed asap. My 30BB game was a stack size i have had trouble with in the past. But hey! guess what? Not anymore "All Smiles".........!!!! The more i work on my game at the Low to Micro levels; The better i feel about my overall game in general. I pretty much take every MTT i play very very seriously no matter what the buy-in.

I have been working on a few standard and not so standard post-flop and pre-flop lines as well; And although much of my thoughts were there for many of the concepts. A very good and well known MTT'r here assured me that my theories were indeed on target. It's just funny how sometimes you know a play is +EV but you can't actually figure out why; But it's great when you actually find out you were in the ball park the entire time. My 3-bet game has been coming along very very nicely. And it just fucks me how i had the concept correct but the actual bet sizing was hit or miss. I have been working very hard on my bet sizing and how to hand cuff villans in spots to gain information. I feel like such an idiot for not knowing a lot of the things that i have figured out lately; But not so much as it has helped my game a ton.

For most of Feb. i really feel that my stack management was just all out horrible; And i did manage to TILT away two sessions in FEB!!!! I guess it was the fact that i was playing low limit and the fact that, i wait 10-12 hours to play 4-5 MTT's a day because of my job. Usually when i four to six table and lose a flip or take a beat; I really need to remember that i have other tournaments to attend. I also need to keep being patient and let the game come to me, and play my game and do me the best i can at the tables. I have so many online players that i admire, but i have to remember who i am at the same time. LoL i am not TheBattler33 and i am not IPlaytourneys, and i am not King Supra1988t, and i am not Assassinato, and i am not Moorman1!!!!!! But when i get chips if i am not careful. I can quickly turn into THE REAL LORD OF DONK TOWN..................!!!!!

Specail shout outs to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



won $1,801.89 for 1st place in the Lock Poker $10,000 GTD on 02/24/2013 at 21:44 and shipped 3 MTT's in one session!



won $1,248.75 for 4th place in the Lock Poker $10,000 GTD on 02/24/2013 at 22:41 Been running like Pot Ripper

And KJulius cashing for over $190,000 - Congrats to all the Illinois guys if i missed ya!


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You used the word 'require' alot here...Your super technical...I wish I knew what you know, and drum it all up on the spot like you...


You just have the non tech stuff to master now...Play blind for a minute!!! really...Block your cards and try to win a couple 1 dola sit and go's without seeing your cards...

Theres something between the today 'you', and a superstar you..cant figure out what it is...like a missing piece..we'll get to the bottom of it gaddammit...


So play blind...and win!!!..call me back here at p5 and we'll goto next step!!!


Im waiving fee's...cauze i believe in you baby...!!


PLus I want a black friend..black friends rock..be laughin all the time, always preffering to not have to go off, ya know...

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