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Diary of a Low Volume Grinder part 4(Sunday)(Smallhotrunner) (Spewy)




So i am 3/25 of my last Mtt's with two weeks to go in the Smaller HoTrunner series. Just going to cut to the chase and eliminate the bullshit. Bottom line is that i need to find a fold button and stay more focused. Currently i am sitting in last place in this contest, and i am not at all happy with how i have managed so far. I also feel like i made to many adjustments to my game and i can see it. I also think that i might be pushing myself a little two much atm with work and poker. Between the energy drinks and lack of sleep; I feel that the end results are starting to affect my play right now. Ive also been running into some spots where i am at a crossroads between being a nit or sticking to my game plan of aggro all the time.

One thing that i don't plan to change is attacking the 20/5 and 32/10 player types, when i can play them in pots in position. Also i am going to attempt to play with better hand selection vs. villans who favor calling 3 bets rather lite. I was really pissed about Sunday because i got home a little late; And had to late reg most of the tourneys i really wanted to play. Then it seems i really have my hands full in this month long contest; But i will continue to be motivated by this also. I feel like it has me more driven to improve more than anything. It's really a different game and change of pace, when you see how your game sizes up to others. And this contest is just letting me know that i am not working as hard as i need too!

Lastly i am expecting to play much better for the next week or so; Since overall my ROI% for this month has suffered. The upside is that my ITM% is still aight but i guess somewhere i am slowing down a bit too much too early. I am a big fan of staying above the 20bb mark at all cost; So i will make the needed adjustments tonight and see how things go!

Good Luck at the tables!



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