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Not another blog on rigged/fixed poker sites




Adapt or die.

Had him covered in chips (about 2-1), three left (2 ITM). Villain is BB and goes all-in and i call with AQo and so does SB (who also has about half my chip stack but slightly more than BB/villain). Villain shows 77. i flop top pair with my Ace and Q kicker. SB & i check and villain gets a set when a 7 falls...on the river. Half my stack is gone. Next hand i get KK and shove. BB (previous hand he was SB) folds (he has almost no chips left) and the villain (of the previous hand) calls with A3o. He flops an Ace and i am out. On the bubble. After leading in chips and *certain* to be in the money.

ONLINE SITES ARE FIXED! is i guess many's first response.

In hind-sight: i should have folded when the villain shoved with 77 as i was *almost* certain of being in the money and actually expected the SB to call. SB would have been crippled then (as BB got his 777) and i would have finished in the money.

So, adapt to the way people play and if one feels that sites are fixed, play accordingly.

Look at your opponents more than you look at your cards.

i am by no means a poker coach nor do i know everything about poker so don't quote me!

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