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Poker Guiri




I've been living up a mountain in the Almeria desert for the last 5 years, the poker landscape has changed a lot since then!

I'm now back on Costa del Sol, an English Ex-pat, happily attached, cats, dogs, chickens and dwarf goats, I think owning the goats puts me clearly in the Spanglish category no?

I have been running MCS who are involved in medical cannabis associations but after decades in the business I want a new direction, so am throwing myself into poker a while, see if its viable fulltime tho in reality Im not sure I can take the grind fulltime nowadays. I used to grind 20nl for bugsys poker. A privately onwed poker site that used to do ok a few years back but has since closed down.

I love tournaments like many players do and have played a liittle online here and there tho nothing serious, (ive been 95% live over the last 15 years or so) but right now I dont have a suffiicient bankroll so will be playing micro cashgames a while to try work of any bonuses and grow my tiny investment.

Some synergies with growing there, from seedling to fully grown tree requires a lot of patience, skill and dedication after all :)

Seems there really isnt much local live poker around here anymore, every single place I knew b4 has been shut down since I was last in this area., Spains typically beligerent Franco-esque politicians fucking with anybody trying to grind, either in poker or life... apart from the big boys, of course, banks, casinos, you know it... :)

So I will try to organise some games at home, give me a shout if you are interested, I'm in the Estepona area. Nice countryside location, pool, close to the Med. If you are in, or thinking of visiting the area for poker or otherwise, give us a shout ;)

Hasta Pronto and good luck at the tables



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Okay, so this is the start of my cashggame graph. Feels okay, hopefully a climb through 100,000 hands plus. currently 800bb up. micros tho.


Im winning slightly on that 6 handed Zoom, but only cple of bb/100 whereas perhaps 20bb on fullring..... but far slower, but then dont need speed if can multitable right? I need a degree in mathematics here,which is most profit ph? Thankyou for introducing me to this holdemmanager amigo!


por ahora!

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well i cant help u with the home games/local games but i do play pokerstars.es and even though it might sound big headed i do crush there , im a ex pat too been here 13 years and play poker fulltime online and the epts on the live circuit hit me up a pm if there is anything i can do to help u out or give pointers


and gl on the felts

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Hey buddy, thanks a lot, appreciated...

Did notice some of your recent stats,, nice game, keep it rolling ;).

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Hi ElPAz. Welcome to P5. Also an English expat here living in Spain for 8 years. But unlike Dom, I only play part time. Good luck.

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