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So this is onine poker...




things ive already learned.


Distractions... Must remove as many distractions as possible. Each session should be broken into legs and for each leg turn off your phone, tv, hide from the neighbours, lock out the dogs. Serious leakage, particularly after raising big pairs, getting the distraction... timing out.

MMT'S or Multi Multi Tabling... Okay so 24 tables avaiable on Stars I think, On my laptop I managed to run about 22 at one point, I ran about level but points are worth accumulating right? wronggggggg! Less tables is more A game, is more learning, is more opponent knowledge, is more long term profits and better game.

Finger Tilt... Ive just had to revert back to a mouse, the tap, tap, tapping for hrs has not only given me typist finger type pains but a particular finger, when it gets a bit tired, tends to foldaces and raise 57 off a lot... get comfy !

Game Selection.. I dont mean honing in with HUDS on individual players, I mean, with so much choice, so many games, you need to play to your stengths, if you arent 100% sure what these are, they are things that make you a profit, use a stats programme and dble check it agrees with you

Focus.. Really a combination of the above, the more A game you play the less chips you waste, the better your hourly rate.

Altho basic concepts, after a cple of weeks playing online I can already see each of those leaks creep in my own game occassionally. That would never happen in a live game so lets stay focused, get comfy, find your winning game, remove all distractions and dame su fichas



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