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My tourney progress




I know most of you guys n girls are tourney players and some of you pretty useful too.

I will keep my own progress here, keeps me honest and I can take onboard any tactical advice to maximise my hourly rate online from some of you perhaps.. ?

After a lot of watching and dabbling in v small stakes Im finding my pace. I think this last 2 weeks has been as much about 'feel' you know? I like to ' play' as im from liive background and even online ive felt i've had to find that groove first.

I do fancy making a decent roi , 2 tables and upwards. one table sng's dont seem to give me enough room to play it feels.

I think I will stick to one or two table only at a time as oppose to mass tabling. Im capable of churning but its less enjoyable even if its tight between overall profits perhaps. Also I can clearly learn opponents play if focusing, what can i say, im old school. but perhaps others will enlighten me on the true value of a lower roi but more tables and points etc I wouldnt expect to earn more than a silver initially for a month or two.

My tourney play is tight, super aggressive, is there any other way? I play to final table for sure.

Heres my stats for first few dozen for starters...

VPIP PFR 3Bet WTSD% W$SD% Agg Agg%

14.26% 9.61% 5.25% 44.14% 64.06% 4.75 42.94%

and my likle graph



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I fancy these next month... If I can fund them this month.


1-Dec 20:00 ESCOOP-01: €50 NL Hold'em € 50,000

01-Dec 21:30 ESCOOP-02: €100 NL Hold'em [2 days] € 125,000

03-Dec 20:00 ESCOOP-05: €100 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO] € 75,000

07-Dec 20:00 ESCOOP-13: €50 NL Hold'em [DeepStack] € 50,000

08-Dec 20:00 ESCOOP-14: €200 NL Hold'em [Main Event, €50K GTD for 1st place] € 250,000

09-Dec 21:30 ESCOOP-15: €100 NL Hold'em [bigStack, Turbo] € 60,000

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