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Diary of a Low Volume Grinder part-6 Progress




Obv I assume that I have worked on my game to a point where I lost my drive to blog! But tbh I really think and know that writing blogs actually helped my motivation. I am not the best player or the best writer, but it's funny how much I have to say when I think about it. Poker have actually had a very large impact on how mentally and physically fucked I am right now. I guess when you have goals you have to attack them; Or at least work on them moving forward. I remember at the beginning or start of this blog; I had 0 wins and was ranked like 38th in my Illinois community! And sadly as long as I have been a member here, I was never ranked in the top 100 in the United States player pool.

Now instead of one MTT ship I have a few of them; Along with a nice collection of 2nd and 3rd place finishes also! Working a 9-5 has to be one of my biggest bitches; But a bitch that I am willing to live with atm. With the state of online poker and recent skin separation at Merge. I guess my drive to play has been hampered a bit, with moving all the money around from one site to another. I just wish this shit was regulated, and that we could just get on with it! Im really getting tired of the whole online poker movement; And the "I wish we had stars" comments. I mean it's just so fucking depressing right now; And most nights I play it's just a fucking REG fest.

I mean im never the one to run away from competition; But some nights it's just a big ass cooler fest with small edges. Everything just seems to be so lite now, from sick calls and raises, to the fucking stations running 38/10 and always getting there LoL. I guess this post has turned more into a rant than a post of my progress. But fuck it!!!!! Once Merge changed the schedule, and having built a decent 5K roll on Sportsbook I was really pissed! Firstly the player pools just went to shit as well as the timing; WIth work and poker most weekdays for myself! So eventually I cashed out like most of my roll there; And at the time put money on Pokerhost to play more events.

Once OPS began or was official, I decided to make an account on Carbon; But honestly I have just opted not to play much if any atm to work on shit. Poker is still a game that's fun to me, but REALTALK it's just starting to become a fucking headache dealing with all the shit right now. Sportsbook has always been my 1st love on the network, but now the buy-ins and volume just make the run bad that much worse and for more money! Hopefully shit changes and my scores there are tracked eventually lol; As well as the shitty schedule that's driving me insane right now(end rant).

As far as my play goes I do feel ive come a long way; But it's really funny how much more shit I need to learn to next level this shit! I mean the higher you play the more thin value and the less mistakes you can make obv! And wheni say mistakes, I really mean the small dumb ass mistakes lol. Right now discipline is one of the biggest issues I have; Along with finding the fold button. I have also had to deal with taking the beats; That seem to come and fuck you when your at your best! I am doing my best to take; What seems like the long term bad and the short term good! But honestly once we look into holdem manager we se that it's just a mental mind fuck that we give ourselves!



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Its just me Wil..sorry man, everyone else gave up man..just me and you

All the other players are actually just AI bots..Cal, Moorman....all not real...p5's software gives the illusion of actuall human contact and play currently happenin...but its not...


Just us..no justice


2 dreamers, dreamers who stared at the same pay out lists....remember....looking at the 11r's, then the 55's, then the millys? How can we NOT be hitting those once in a while?right?


But the new niggaz are in charge now,,the new age flawed white anglo saxon politician..yup, and they pulled the plug!!! They proudly say "no more wil, no more mike" and pull the fuggin plug!!!


So....you like the idea now? Remember, buy/rent a shit dump place in san carlos mexico, set up tower, jam on weekends


Im 30 minutes from either border now...wtf?


Its me and you vs. a big white titted building full of big white tits, smoking crack, buttfucking eachother, making stupid policy etc etc, with all the cops at their beck and call..


We gotta go...this is their land..my land is finland, your land is Africa (lol)....I say we go to my land, finland, you'll be the first black dood there, so, we'll just work wit it as it happens, could get cray..They'll all love and embrace you, or be scared, fuk I don't know...

Fuk Africa tho..muffukas dying over 3 speed oscillating fans and shit...not me

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Oh, and as I speak, your article/blog is 2 squares under a Isildur article..u ah ite I guess...

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Have you ever considered your diet when it comes to poker? Might seem like a silly question but your diet is super important the more tables or the higher buyins you play. You need to FOCUS and if your not hydrated or you dont have the correct nutrients in your body for proper function then it could be effecting your play. I used to be a low level grinder but Ive took time out to pursue other ventures to gain me a secondary income. One of the income streams is through an unbelievable nutrition product named Juice Plus+. have you heard of it? Well basically their main products could be EXACTLY what people like me and you need to low level grind.

Anyway I find your blog a treat to read because I see myself in you man. If ever you wanna team up and share goals, talk strategy and correct nutrition with the possibility of making some extra cash through distributing it like myself, inbox me.

My goal is to create a team/community of low level grinders who will all be distributing this scienctifically proven product as a secondary income whilst playing poker with more freedom and less financial constraint......

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