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More than a feeling




i haven't been playing Poker for about 2 months.

Never thought i'd be able to do that. I have been doing a lot of sports betting and also started a new online venture and these things have been keeping me busy.

And of course i listened to the audiobook of The Alchemist. Again.

Now, before the grinders flame me rather ask why i did this. Because i didn't enjoy the game. It felt as if a played worse every HAND. I had to force myself to play.

Doesn't that happen in any profession? So, i took some time off. And i actually look forward to start playing again.

I have done that with businesses i've had. Sold them. Took a break. Started something new. When i had the energy and when the excitement was back.

No video's, books, forums, podcasts, magazine articles, website articles, tweets, newsletters. Nothing.

Today i, for the first time in a long time i listened to a podcast. Hell, i am even writing this blog!

And it's nice to be back.

So, my rules for playing again: family, good life, enjoy poker.



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Sounds good :=)


Know that feeling a bit. stopped playing a few years ago for my former GF .... cause she had a father with gambling problems ... i really loved her so i decided to stop playing. Bad thing is ... i made my monthly income with all the playing. So i worked through a few jobs .... now shes gone ... and i never came back to my former level of income :-/


Sucks a bit but i need to live with that now :=)


Hope you re more lucky with your comeback than me :)

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