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$100 to 10k challenge

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This blog is merely an excuse to keep me on track. It compels me to complete the challenge. I know I am a lazy poker player-I just take it for granted that I can beat the micro stakes heads up games without any work. It has always been the case. My game is full of leaks, it can be lazy, systematic and exploitable. I don't use a hud, have never looked at nash, never review hand history and rarely seek out instructional videos regarding heads up and more importantly hyper turbo heads up. Thus it illustrates anybody can have a small amount of success at this game if they work. I know that if i want to improve my game and move up I will ultimately have to consider all these facets of the game.

I plan to reduce my volume over the coming weeks, it can be very monotonous and can fry your brain. I know downswings are a part of the game but I struggle with such an occurrence. Having had initial success at the 7s I hit a small blip and hit a downswing. Thus I have decided to head back to the $3.50s for a while until I can regain some confidence and bankroll. A short break and reduced volume should help me refocus and ultimately improve my results. My bankroll is now at exactly $800. I don't plan to update too regular. I will just give updates on my roll and what I am playing. :)

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