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With My Little Eye I See You

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You probably reading this cause you got a dirty mind or I'm the one with his mind in the gutter. Most of the time yes :) This time, no. To any and all playing micro limit tournaments, be warned, there is one poker tactic that is very difficult to pull off, The Bluff.

It is one of those things that every poker player can do and if done successfully can greatly increase your chip stack and put your opponent on tilt. Constantly pondering what the F you had. The thing is this though, do not try this in micro < $5 buy-in's if you not already in the money or on that bubble period. Players at this level don't think, no offense, they don't, they just say "Oooohhh, I have bottom pair, I know I am going to win, nothing can beat bottom pair".

What you have, what the board says, means nothing. At this level, they playing to get lucky, to prove you have nothing, to hold on to hopes and dreams that this is the double up they need. What ever happens, this tournament doesn't mean that much to me I should play tactically, mathematically, strategically. They want to be the luckiest person on the table, that's their goal.

Elaborations and waffling aside, play your odds and outs, your position, your opponents with care early on and don't be scared to check. Getting your opponent off will prove more difficult then you think. If you have position and they have called to river with no obvious sign a straight or flush was what they could have been chasing; chances are they have some small pair that they believe is strong and will not let it go. So if you made it this far, better have something to show. If not, just check in position and see the showdown. Rotations later, you will be in a situation where the hand plays out in a similar way but this time, you hit what you needed and this time their flat calling will be in your favor. You will be that much closer to taking the tournament down as it's victor.

Good luck to you at the tables and if you have thoughts to share on this topic, I would be very interested to hear them.

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nice its a refresh on things to read this piece,but i think you are talking about buy in less than $4 not less than $10.Players higher than $4 got some skills and the fold button in their minds/softwares.

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I'll edit the post as I have to agree it's more micro. I tested this a bit more earlier today and in all 4 tourneys I found myself exiting well before the money. I then adopted another strategy I've found successful and refined it for my next 3 tourneys. So far all 3 deep in the money and looking good. Hot $11, I'm taking you down :)

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