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I Guess Poker is for Everyone…?




Recently a popular poker training website signed on a new “professional” to do videos for their paid subscription holders. To my shock, the player they had signed was someone that I had played with countless times and had never seen him as anything more than an average to a below average mid-stakes nitty player.

Before I get into this, I want to make it clear that I am not outing the site or the player that has been signed because I do not think it’s important. I think the site owners are generally good people and I have nothing, on a personal level, to say bad about the newly signed “pro”.

The player in question has only been a winning player for about four months. Let that sink in for a second.


If you have ever played poker with even a small amount of seriousness, you will know that winning over a span of four months could be accomplished by just about anyone. But what’s worse about this is that prior to his end of the year run of being a “winning player”, he had only been playing poker for a year. Throughout that year the player was thousands of dollars below profitability. Does this sound like someone you would want to spend money on for poker training?

Why Did a Training Site Sign This Guy?

That is the question I have been asking myself since I found out about it.

The only reasonable explanation for the signing is that the site saw an opportunity to leverage the players fame from other areas of life to gain new paid subscribers. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the player in question is semi famous, mostly on social media, which adds significant promotional value to the site.

“So What? They are doing what’s is best for business.”

That is what I thought at first as well. In my head, I said it would be like having someone famous endorse your product like Peyton Manning and Papa Johns or Mila Kunis and Jim Beam. No big deal right?

But as I thought a little more about it I realized that this is completely different from those companies. Those companies are using a personality to promote a product, which is fine. But this site is claiming that the player is a professional to not only promote their product but also to teach paying subscribers how to play poker.

Moral of the story, be careful who you are taking advice from and always research the player to make sure they are someone who is actually teaching you the right things.


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