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I'm Not an Anti-Feminist, but You Probably Think That I am




With this post, I am NOT going to focus on any hands, tournament wins or losses, my successes or failures, or any travel experiences. This post is going to focus on women in the poker industry and the advantages and disadvantages that they face. If this doesn't sound interesting to you, then you should probably just stop reading now.

Yesterday I woke up after a long Sunday grind. I went to Twitter and somehow landed on a players profile and started reading their recent tweets. This player just happened to be female. As I read through her tweets, I thought she seemed pretty funny and interesting. Suddenly, I read a tweet that she posted that made me a little upset at the time. The Tweet basically said that the live final table she was at, expected her and all other participants to take pictures with the WPT girls. She refused.

Before I go any further, I just want to say that her comment does not bother me now, but it did hit a nerve at the time. I did however, decide to take to twitter and I posted this:

Obv we want women in poker but for for the love of god, please leave the feminist beliefs outside the game.

— Chris (@the_chrisp200) March 14, 2016



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