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With the arrival of NJ Pokerstars in 2016 , and hopefully constructive legislature in PA and CA, I think this year we can expect to see some rebirth in the USA for the game we love. A lot of times on this site I see people pointing at the sites , companies and saying... what they can do better or what should be done... But besides playing , how many of us have actually done anything to promote or grow the game. It's not solely on the sites ( even though I think they could be doing more) Some of you will read this and say ... " I play all the time", or "I shouldn't have to do anything to promote this game". Well you are right . You don't have to do anything . Though I feel that being an ambassador to this game and being able to represent it in a positive light is one of the highest honors you can retain.

One of the healthiest things we can do for the game is to introduce new players. Though the problems I see among newer people I encounter is that there isn't any personal settings someone can learn the game. Newer , younger players pretty much only can learn the game by going to a casino or playing online. Both of which can be confusing or intimidating among these people. A lot of us, myself included, started playing in small home games. I decided to make a list of 12 goals for 2016 to help us promote our game to newer players. If everyone tried to achieve one goal a month I think you may see some small ripple effects from it. I introduce to you" The 2016 NJ P5 Challenge"

1.) Host a small stakes home cash game, maybe do this during a fight night on TV or during a big sporting event to invite newer players. Keep the game small so no one loses their shirt

2.)Buy/Wear some poker attire to wear outside of poker arena. Wear to Work , Gym , Bar etc. I cant tell you how many times someone has sparked convo with me at the gym when I wear my old Pokerstars beanie

3.)Lend a beginner a poker book

4.)host or play in a charity event in your local area for a good cause

5.)Lend a friend the movie rounders

6.)organize a micro cash/tournament among friends to be played online.

7.)take a beginner to the casino to play 2/4 or 1/2 , and help explain to him the basics

8.)Give a free coaching session to a buddy

9.) Have them create a P5 account and twitch account to introduce them to the online community

10.)host a small tournament as part of a date night. Invite significant others and turn it into a couples challenge.

11.)take some friends to a free " bar league"

12.) take a newb to a small daily casino tournament and stake them.

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