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100k Club/WSOPc New Orleans Trip Report

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Hello P5ers! As of last month, I'm officially a member of the 100k club! I'm proud to say that most of the cashes that contributed to this achievement are from tourneys with buy-ins ranging from $1-$33. My Skype group really helped me evolved my game so props to all of them, especially AJ "UncleDrew4MVP" Yowler, Gid "Necks03" Rash, and Thomas "Clutch352" McDaniel for giving me advice and helping me take it to the next level.

I recently returned from the WSOP circuit in New Orleans and had a great time. I played three ring events and min cashed one of them and since this is the last stop of the WSOP circuit season, a ton of circuit pros were there chasing points for a free entry to the 10k WSOPc national championship.

The first ring event I played was the re-entry. Rex Clinkscales was to my left for a bit but was super card dead and busted fairly quickly. I think the highlight of my day one was a huge pot against ring winner, Juan Mendoza: (Blind levels and bet sizes are approximate) I have a 40k stack and at 500/1000 I look down at AJo and open to 3000 from MP. Juan flats. Board runs 346. He checks, I check back because I've been c-betting a lot and I'm not a fan of the board. Turn is a J. He checks. I bet 3500. He reraises to 15000. I think about it for a while and decide to go all in because of his aggro actions earlier in the tourney. He tanks for about 2 minutes and calls with 55 giving him an OESD. The river is a J and now I have 90k. My table broke shortly after that and I ended up on a table with Mina Greco and Maurice Hawkins. Maurice is super talkative and has a play style meant to tilt other players. After a few hands at that new table, I made it to day two and bagged 81.5k.

137 players made it to day two and 135 players would cash. After a few round-for-round hands, an older gentlemen with one of those visors that come with a spiky grey wig, gets up and says "Congrats everybody! I'm the bubble boy!" and everyone in the room cheered. At the 1500/3000 level I'm in LP and call a MP raise to 6000 with QJo. Board is Q5x. I call all the way down to the river and initial raiser has Q2 and I ship a fairly large pot and have a read on this LAGgy individual. A little later I have around 95k and he has about 75k in the 2000/4000 level. He min raises to 8k. I look down at AK and 3 bet him to 25k. He calls pretty quickly. Board runs out J96xxc. He checks and I bet half pot. He calls. Turn is Ac. He checks again and I go all in to apply the pressure on him and to discourage him from chasing draws. He tanks for five minutes and calls with T9cc for mid-pair and a flush draw. The river comes and it's a 5c giving him his flush and crippling me. Funnily enough, I didn't really get to angry because I'm used to all kinds of beats. A few hands later I tilt 3 bet shove my last 20k with AJo from the BB to a solid UTG players raise. He has AQo and I bust for 104th place and a min cash. If that AK hand held, there's no doubt in my mind that I would have made a super deep run in that tourney. All is good though, because I'm super proud of the way I played.

The next day I played in the six max and had a hard starting table with Juan Mendoza and another ring winner, Kevin Sherrill. The three of us kind of avoided each other and outplayed the other three players at our table. I was getting great cards left and right. Allen Kessler ended up at our table but either nitted it up or was card dead so he busted about an hour after he got to my table. There were about 240 entrants and when about 70 of us were left, I went super card dead. I eventually 3 bet shoved another short stack with KTo and his 66 held. GG six max.

That final ring event I played was the mega stack. At first I was a bit card dead and for most of the tournament I was in shove mode. At my second table at the 200/400 level I open shove KTo and run into Kevin Sherill's 44. I spike a K on the river and survive. I move to my third table and Rex Clinkscales is to my right. I shove and 3 bet shove several times and don't get called but then I become card dead again and move to my 4th table with about 12 bigs. Shortly after I get to the table, I open shove with A8cc from MP and an old man with a Bama hat and slightly more chips than me says, "I really shouldn't call you, but I like this hand." and he calls with 86dd. I think to myself "Hell yeah! Got this guy dominated!" Board runs 24xdd giving him a flush draw. Turn is Ad. GG old man.

I'm extremely proud of the way I played and if I was on the right side of variance, the results of the trip would have been much better. Either way, good luck to my fellow players and keep on grinding!

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thanks for the kind words... keep pluggin, you're getting better by the day

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Awesome post congrats and well done on the min cash! Sounds like you were just a couple cards away from having a legendary trip, this has to motivate you to do it again and again - it is only a matter of time my friend.

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