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5 Reasons to Start a Twitch Poker Stream

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I once read a book, in which Doyle said that he caught a lot of flack for publishing Super Systems. Players didn't like the fact that he was selling the secrets of the game. I heard the same thing about Twitch as well. I myself was skeptical but just like all technology and knowledge, it's all out there, and either your ahead of the learning curve , or your behind. I've compiled 5 reasons that I found to be good reasons on starting a Twitch stream.

1.) Accountability : Since starting my stream , I have had my biggest online win to this date. In October, I took down a GSSS event. I did this all while being on stream. I've learned to work on accountability . When no one is looking, it's easy to gamble in spots we know we shouldn't. When people are watching it makes for smarter play IMO.

2.) Talking out your problems : , not just clicking and praying. I've become less robotic in my actions and now seem to analyze situations more then the past. I found this to be a great way to get through harder spots. When I talk to my viewers , I'm not seen as a crazy person ( Up for debate ) because I'm expected to talk. But this has also transferred to my live game as well. I don't speak out loud while playing live, but I see myself walking through tough situations by talking to myself in my head and really working out the problems. Since starting my stream I have also had my biggest live cash to date. ( With bigger ones to come soon!)

3.) Network Creation backers / investors : In a future blog I will talk more about creating a network of backers but for now, I will touch on the subject. Having a twitch has given me more exposure and has helped me attract new backers. Having a stream allows backers or potential investors to see how you play and can put a face behind a name. Backers are more comfortable investing with someone they feel a connection to. Someone that they can trust.

4.) Learning : through instant feedback and chat on stream, it has allowed me to educate myself in situations I normally wouldn't think twice about. Having open lines of communication between your viewers will allow you to grow in the game. Sometimes, I have gotten bad advice as well, but I am able to explain why this is bad or why I think they are wrong. That alone has made clarity towards why I was making plays , that I didn't really understand in the past. I've adapted to the game by teaching myself and listening to other players.

5.) Its fun : It really is entertaining. I find myself laughing more and enjoying the conversations that are had on stream . Online Poker can turn you into a zombie sometimes, so being able to show some personality and emotions are nice. I tried to be unique so every week I host live Trivia about random topics. The viewers really seem to enjoy interacting while playing a quiz game.

If you have any questions about setting up your stream, or would like to just stop by ,

I stream poker and trivia every Wednesday night 10pm EST . You can 'Follow' for free at http://www.twitch.Tv/Eatahoagie/profile

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Recommended Comments

Thanks for sharing this... it is amazing that under two years ago there was only a dozen or less Poker Streams on Twitch, most of which were useless to watch due to them being mega multi-table grinders and you could not really see what was happening like bet size and such nor would they give a hand-by-hand commentary - it was just going way too fast for someone like me looking to learn one hand at a time.


The early streamers did open my eyes to poker as I had never seen such crazy sh$t like playing 24 tables at once. Today is a different story and there are some great streams to watch that are both entertaining and informative. Starting a regularly scheduled stream is also as you say great for accountability and also for making your poker game a dynamic educational experience.


I checked out your twitch stream and followed but I did not see any past broadcasts. Maybe you do not record yours or have chosen to not archive them for public view but I would recommend leaving up your past streams for those who can not watch the live stream, it also gives all of the random visitors who find your stream through google or twitch search something to chew on - this will increase your following ten fold compared to having no videos or past broadcasts available.


If I could add a couple tips to your list of why you should stream on twitch I would emphasize the Networking aspect as you mentioned but backers aside, the friends you make, and the following you create is the most valuable business asset you can create online. You don't have to be in it for the money per say but the leverage of a following can make life easier in many ways. For instance if you ever want feedback on anything, or decide to write a book, create a product, start a website or forum etc. the benefits of having an engaged group of people who know and trust you is invaluable - play your cards right and you will never go without personally and/or professionally. Also I have seen dedicated streamers on twitch get single donations from followers of over $1000. When you acquire a following a small percentage of followers will be superfans, these are the folks who would donate to your cause without any expectations just because you make them happy by doing what ever it is that you do - priceless.


Another tip for anyone wanting to start a poker stream would be to honor some minimum standards of quality, for the sake of the streaming community and its viewers, try to communicate things of value while still having fun, speak up, speak clearly, include the logical details in your dialogue, never stream with a sh$tty mic and never broadcast/publish crappy audio as it is annoying and unnecessary when a decent microphone (i.e., earbuds w/mic at dollar store) can be had for under $5.


For archived videos, streams, and non-live productions, please try to run your audio (if it sucks through an Audio Production Software such as Audacity which is free and easy to use. In 30 seconds you can remove all the noise from your recording and/or add some bass to your voice etc. you can also remove dead air, bloopers etc if it is just audio such as a podcast etc.


Thanks again for the great topic and info, looking forward to your next stream. Good luck

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Thanks I'm looking to upgrade my computer after my next big score. This will help with some quality issues im currently having. Im also going to start recording some training videos so people can watch.


Thanks for the advice

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