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Pipe Dreams

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"The two main goals of a professional gambler are to increase their bankroll and improve their quality of life"

-Mike Sexton

One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stu Ungar

Hi I'm Mike, 1st time poster, long time lurker. I've recently decided to play because of the ease of deposits and withdrawals. I'm traditionally a live game player but I relocated about 4 years ago and the closest casino is about 2 hours away. I've played on a few different sites, but every time I decided to cash out, it became a process. Checks would take weeks to months to arrive, and I wound up getting banned from Western Union and Moneygram for frequently doing transactions with questionable countries. Pre Black Friday I was able to just link a debit card from an internet specific bank and withdrawals were credited in a matter of 2 days at the most.

I treat these sites as my own in house poker room. I don't multi-table, I don't use a hud or tracking software, and I keep my playing to a minimum. Oh and I only play on my phone and my iPad... I know what a lot of you might be thinking, but my approach is to play no different than I was if I were playing live, and try to earn enough money to eventually make taking the trip to those distant casinos worth it.

Well that's my current goal. My previous goal was to earn enough for a new piece of tech to play on, which is what I'm typing this on now.

I'm hoping that blogging my progress will invite different perspectives and constructive criticisms that will assist in evaluating my play and prepare me to play the best possible poker.

In future blog posts I'm going to go through and break down my play schedule, bankroll perspective, and various other topics that coincide with the Pocket Fives community.

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