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September review

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Hey guys,

We are back with another episode of Update the Blog series. Hope you all had great September. I just recently started my Masters degree in University. I don't even know why I am doing it to be honest because I don't see my self doing anything else but poker for a living, but I guess it is just so my parents could leave me alone with all that education bullshit. :D But I will give my best anyway, eventhough it may be tough having to do Masters and play poker for a living I think that I can do it.

September goals


Play 600 MTTs - Fell short of this one, played 551 games. But I think it is fine considering the other comitments that I have now. It is not all about the volume nowadays anyway.

Profit $4000+ - Achieved this one, made more than $4k in September.

Study poker 30 hours - Nailed this one too, studied exactly 30 hours. However I am starting to think that I have to dedicate more time to study the game.

Keep bb/100 EV above 12 - Finished at 10bb/100 EV in Spetember, cannot complain as my actual win rate was 13bb/100.






Pretty decent month if I look at my stats. Although most will think that I'm on some sort of god run BB wise, but I am not. When looking at my countless analysis and database reviews I notice that I often enough get a decent start at most MTTs EV wise. Would have some standard cooler spots which just end up going my way, but the later the tournament goes the worse it goes for me and less of an impact it has on my EV. Pretty frustrating month to say the least in terms of how good I am running at the late stages of tournaments. I think I have review the late stages a bit deeper, but from what I have seen so far I haven't found something that make me think twice, most of is pretty straighforward stuff. And it sucks to be honest when cannot find specifics to work on because that just your job as a poker professional harder. It is a lot more fun when you find leak after leak because then there is material that you have to cover, analysis to do, coaching to have etc. Just gotta keep working.

Although I'm pretty happy with my positional stats. Big bling win rate is great as usual, the small blind as well. Considering that most of my volume now comes from playing $55s and some occasional $109s.


Positional stats

The setup

The Alienware Desktop I ordered works so gooooooooooood... Definitely a worthy money investment. Multi-tabling is so much easier now, no lag whatsoever. Got 3 monitors now plugged in which makes the work much easier and pleasurable. Have a look: 20160924_120804.jpg

Click to enlarge

Loving it. The actual PC case weights about 40kg. LOL.

October goals

Play 550 MTTs

Profit $5000+

Study poker 35 hours

Keep bb/100 EV above 10


So that's it guys, for now. I hope you have great time at the tables because at the time of writing this I have had pretty shitty start of the month but hopefully will be able to turn it around soon enough. Stay focused!






Also forgot to mention that I have started to stream once in a while here:

Normally I would launch the stream with commentary if I get a deep run. So feel free to tune in when you can. :)

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I had trouble balancing a Bachelors Degree and poker, I can't even imagine trying to do a Masters along side poker. That could just be a flaw in me though. Good Luck with poker and school.

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I had trouble balancing a Bachelors Degree and poker' date=' I can't even imagine trying to do a Masters along side poker. That could just be a flaw in me though. Good Luck with poker and school.[/quote']


I realize it will be tough, but life is tough in general. But all these challenges make us only stronger right? :D

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