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Where Have You Been?




I can't believe I let myself fizzle out of blogging. There is too much to cover about the last few months to post in one blog but I will do my best to sum it up.

Online Poker - Has been very good to us. We have had a lot of four figure scores and a handful of chances at five figure scores. Some of my recent deep runs have been converted to highlight videos on my YouTube channel.

Live Poker - I haven't played live poker since the WSOP. I was only out there for a week, but it was a good time and a nice break from the online grind. This coming year, I hope to go out for the whole month.

Twitch twitch.tv/chrisp200 - The Twitch stream has been rolling along. I started in March from scratch and now have a pretty decent following. There was a stretch from June-August where I wasn't streaming but I am back on it regularly now.

What's Upcoming?

I will be playing some live poker, continuing to grind online, and starting to grow my YouTube channel. For a full rundown of everything going on this month in the world of poker for me, check out my first ever VLOG!

I'll try to finish the year strong with a few more blog posts here on PocketFives.

Hope all is well. Giddy Up!


Chris Perkins




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