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My Strange Reason for Starting a Blog on Here

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Hi all…I’ve been debating for a while whether or not to do a blog here on P5’s. Each month through the years I’ve seen up-dates from guys like Rihard4a, Willmccoy and others and have thought, I should do that. But there really hasn’t been adequate motivation to do it…UNTIL NOW!


For the past 4+ years as I’ve been putting in 95%+ of my volume on the Merge Network, I’ve used the P5’s rankings, the career stats and badges as a source of motivation. While the money I’ve made has been great, there is just something about my competitive nature that made the weekly rankings up-dates an exciting part of the week. It was fun climbing through the PA, USA and world-wide rankings. I remember the days of being low ranked and then the joys of getting to #1, #11 and #971 respectively.


That however has changed. Not because I’m not playing. Not because I’m not crushing. But because of Merge deciding to block P5’s from tracking scores. I, P5’s leaders and others have voiced our displeasure with this decision but it appears it is for good.


This left me with a few options. I could stop playing Merge and switch my volume over to sites that do continue to track or I could look for alternatives. This blog is my choice for now as an alternative. Here is the plan…


I already track all my tournament action through Poker Dominator. My plan is to keep a running up-date each month here on this blog of where my career stats WOULD BE if P5’s still had access to my results. I will definitely be keeping track of my career earnings and number of cashes. Even though it’s possible, I’m not going to keep track of my rankings points because I think it will be more of a hassle than anything else.


Later this week I’ll post the results from September 5th (day Merge stopped tracking me) through the end of September. Then the first week of October I’ll post my October results. In the meantime, my small results on other networks will continue to automatically be added.


From there then I’ll post my Merge results each month with a running total of where things stand and then periodically through the month I may post other random thoughts on poker and life. Hope you enjoy the content and will indulge me as I get excited about passing milestones and getting badges that are technically not official.

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Very nice first blog sir!!!!!!! And thanks for the "shout" i have most def been MIA the past 6 or 7 months; But i officially returned this past Sunday! So hope to see you around and look forward to reading your blogs!

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