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If you never have been to Atlantic City , this is a quick guide to some poker rooms. Believe it or not , there is only 5 places to play poker in AC. At the height of the boom there was a dozen. This is my list of the 5 best places to play from 1st to last. Each room has some form of the bad beat. All these rooms are listed on the Bravo app.

1.) Borgata - 40 tables This is a no brainer. The biggest cash games in the city are offered here. The room is clean, the staff is generally knowledgeable , and they offered the best ran tournament series in the area. Wifi is good . BorgataPoker.com is also linked directly to the casino . You can play online poker and cash out at the live cages. Only downside is that rooms and food are more expensive here. room # 609-317-7412

2.) Wsop Room - Wild West - 42 tables ( in between Caesars and Ballys ) - Ballys and Caesars used to have their own room and then combined. Good Saturday night daily tournament. cash games are generally 1-2 / 2-5 . WIFI is decent A lot of open seating and good overflow from the wild west bars on the weekend. Also Wsop online cashouts are available next door at Caesars cage. Downfall room is a little complicated to find, if it's your first time there, also some riff raff tends to pour in from the boardwalk. room # 609-340-1148

3.) Harrahs - 40 tables - this is associated with Caesars properties. They share a bad beat with the WSOP room . generally 1/2 games , some 2/5 on the weekends . Good service, good staff in a good atmosphere. I generally prefer playing cash here because I prefer to stay at this property. This is also the home of the Wsop circuit event every spring. Downfall no online cage cash out for wsop.com , Only 1 live series a year. room #609-441-5938

4.) Golden Nugget - 10 tables - 1/2 games , some low limit games. Good daily low level tournaments for beginners. play 3 hours daily and get a free buffet every day , Downside no online poker , small room. Room #609-441-8332

5.)Tropicana - 22 tables ( this number may of shrunk ) 1/2 games , good small buy in daily tournaments ( not a lot players though) This casino is good to grind low limit cash games on Friday and Saturday nights. lot of overflow from the bars and clubs of bad players. down fall , no online poker, not a lot of variety of games. room # 609-340-4171

Even though AC has taken a hit in the economy , these rooms have seemed to withstood the storm. Pokerstars has partnered with Resorts casino and held their first live tournament series there. There is no daily poker room in resorts yet but I wouldn't be surprised to see a small one open in the future.

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