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Why do you want to play poker?

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Why do you want to play Poker?

Nowadays many play poker with the aim of earning money and fame quickly. I do not know any winner, who keeps on winning, who does not have to work hard and many hours of dedication to learning and managing their emotions. Review material, coach objectives, bankroll management, types of strategies and everything a player needs to be a good player.

At Poker statistics are very important and we can evaluate our game and also choose the changes to the way we are playing, our study of them and the game analysis. VPIP, CBET, PFAF, Cunning, Shooter factor, among many other data. What is SPR? The REM process? Tilt, and more, much more. Poker is such an advanced and sophisticated game that you need a solid foundation of learning to develop your poker.

More than winning poker is a learning game (There are very useful and sophisticated working systems and instruments). Alone the probability of evolution is reduced, so we learn from each other and the formations of players have nowadays a very important role. The school as learning and method.

If you expect that your poker will be your results and the evaluations in the immediate by your gain, perhaps this is only a small part of the process.

Some play because it is fashionable, others play by way of life and there are others who play because they like the game and learn a lot. And there are others who will never want to learn.

Where and how can we recognize a style of play and adapt the way we play looking for our style. Who are we and how are we playing. What is the quality and style of your poker?

AdC, Almacarvalho (MajorAlma), 2016

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