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November review

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Hey party peeeeeople!

Been a long time since the last update. Haven't had time until now to make this one. Been busy for the past few weeks. But hope you didn't miss it that much! :D

November goals


Play 600 MTTs - Played 806 MTTs overall, so pretty pleased with this.

Profit $5000+ - Happy with this as I finished in 5 figures in November.

Study poker 35+ hours - slacking on the study part of the game, did 29 hours overall. I guess I just have been making up some excuses lately, but have been quite busy with the University part, as I had to prepare for exams and do courseworks by the end of the month.

Keep bb/100 EV above 10 - Not happy with this again. Finished month with 7.25bb/100 EV. I know that I had been running not so great overall during month, specifically at 50s but I also had some leaks playing from SB that I identified closer to the end of the month.







The bb/100 win rate sucked ass in November. But noticed that it was mainly due to playing 50s. I was running on those quite a lot under EV in general. When I was comparing with MTTs below 50s I noticed my win rate to be almost 12bb/100. Due to that I decided to cut down the 50s for a while. Just don't see the point playing them if I can get a decent run and this greatly helped to reduce the variance closer to the end of the month. My play in the SB also was kind of off the cue. I couldn't really figure out what was that. However, I did sign up for the recent Assassinato 1 on 1 training package which includes 5 lessons (6 for me as I was one of the first 10 that sign up, so we get extra 1 as bonus). Did the first session and we found out certain leaks in the SB. It is always fun to work with him because I make a challenge for Alex, he always struggles to find leaks in my game because he thinks that I'm pretty good, I doubt that lol.


Positional stats

Live Poker 101

So the series are practically done now, however there is going to be a bonus session after the New Year once Alex gets back from Europe as he is playing live series. He just recently played the WPT Main Event and finished 8th. Pretty good start for him. The series have helped me quite a lot on improving my live game. I did play some live and had a final table finish. Also at the time of writing I am taking part in the GPPT Mini Glasgow event hosted by Party and got through Day 1 with a decent stack. Day 2 is the coming up Sunday.


Kind of spontaneously my wife and I decided to take a quick trip to Prague on 13 Dec to 16 Dec. Two reasons really. One, I always wanted to visit Prague because I've heard it is really beautiful and two, Alex is staying in Prague for entire December. So really 2 birds with one shot for me. :D This is gonna be fun. Also Bryan Paris is staying in Prague during my visit as well so will be meeting that pig as well. #Harambediedforyoursins

December goals


Play 500 MTTs

Profit $5000+

Study poker 30+ hours

Keep bb/100 EV above 10


Keeping light on certain goals as my volume will not be that great overall because of the exams and the trips I will be taking to Prague and then shortly after Prague I will go to Riga for a while. Will be enjoying the New Year in Latvia. So thank you guys for sticking with my shitty updates and I hope you do have a great December and take care of yourself and your families during the Christmas and New Year period.




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