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Hyper turbo heads up and a a lengthy challenge for 2017

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A new year is dawning and with that most people decide to embark upon a certain goal. Thus, I have decided to follow suit. A small bit of background information before I decide to divulge my plans. I am a 30 year old teacher that also works part time in a bar. I have been playing poker for the best part of 10 years, originally on ipoker but since 2011 or so I have played only on stars. Like most action junkies I crave the big mtt score but with limited time and an ever growing dissatisfaction with the elusiveness of such a score I plan to spend 2017 creating a bankroll. I hope to inspire a few micro stakes grinders and show people that hyper turbo heads up are not 'blind luck'.

My challenge is to see how far I can run 100 dollars to in 12 months. I will be playing primarily hyper turbo heads up games. I have also decided that I can dabble in the bounty builder tournaments (only). When I say dabble, this will be extremely limited until i build a sufficient roll and my challenge progresses. I feel these tournaments are extremely weak. At this exact minute I have nothing in my stars account. I plan to deposit some money over xmas and enjoy the mtt scene. If i get lucky I will continue on from there. If not I will redeposit 100euro on January 6th and begin my strict rules from there.

I am in nyc for new years and return on January 6th so i will begin then. Obviously i need some sort of planned structure to achieve my goal. I usually only play 1hu game at a time. From my initial deposit i was thinking of mixing the 3.50 and 7dollar games until I reach $1200. This is where I plan to implement the 80/60 rule. Essentially I need 80 buy ins to play the level and if I fall to 60 I drop down. This would mean i will need 1200 to start the 15dollar games and 2400 to start the 30s.

Before people start slating me for being extremely naive, i do understand the fluctuations that can occur at these games. I am not extremely tech savvy at uploading charts etc but I know the standard of players at the lowest levels and they are very poor. I am not sure how good my game is but I can make money at the 7s for sure and would be confident at 15s. I have never gone beyond this really. That is the plan this year.

Checking my sharkscope stats for these hyper turbos I have found the following results for the hyper turbo heads up games.

$3.50- 2907 games roi-6.7%

$7 - 6761 games roi-7.5%

$15 - 417 games roi-2.9%

I am not sure how these would match up would similar grinders. What I do know is that I will not be playing insanely huge amounts of games and I will not be multitabling. If you want to have a look at my sng graph here is the link http://www.sharkscope.com/#Player-St...lter=Class:SNG obviously this also includes other games outside the scope of the challenge. Any advice or questions are welcomed. I hope you will follow me on my journey and I look forward to some company along the way.

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