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The Year 2016

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Hello readers,

Sorry for the long break before posting this but December and January are quite busy and I was in Latvia for about a month. December was a fun month overall. Managed to grind a bit but did real poor job on studying the game which I think kind of affected the results. But lets look at the numbers instead.

December goals


Play 500 MTTs - Played 591 games in December. So the goal was achieved.

Profit $5000+ - Literally hit this goal on my last session of the year. HA!

Study poker 30+ hours - Only 16 hours. *Cries in Latvian*

Keep bb/100 EV above 10 - 7bb EV... Not what I wanted, but also was running extremely poor in all-in spots.


December graph


December stats


Wasn't too happy with my BB win rate this month. But mainly from what I managed to find was that I was running quite bad in that spot. There is quite significant gap between the actual win rate and EV win rate. But most likely my lack of studying had certain negative effects on me approaching each positions and situations individually. But that is my fault. But I have no regrets because I spent plenty of quality time with the family in Latvia and that was well worth it.

Live Poker

Had a few nice experiences playing live as well. I finished 15th in the Glasgow Grand Prix mini hosted by PartyPoker. That was really fun experience. Played very well both days. Sadly had to bust with my KK vs A7o.

Then I went to Prague for a few days with the wife during the EPT Prague. I met with my coach Alex (Assassinato). Spent few nights with him and his mom, we went to the movies and had nice dinner. Very lovely people. It is great that poker has given me this gateway to such nice new friends. Something perhaps that I have missed for a long time.

I also played some live cash in the EPT. Nothing major though, it was a 200NL game. Managed to make a decent profit. So basically I came to Prague with X amount of money and ended leaving with pretty much the same. :D

Then in Latvia I played this weird Double Turn-River tournament. Which I ended up finishing in 5th. The concept is simple. After the flop the turn and river are dealt twice. So it felt like playing some weird NL Omaha. :D Crazy format, not something I plan to play again because the swings were just ridiculous and technically if it was a norm NLHE tournament the game could have ended 3 hours quicker than we did, LOL.

Year Overall

So this is my sexy 2016 graph.



And here are my stats.


Yearly stats


2016 by position

Overall I am happy with my year in poker as most of the stuff I wanted to achieve at the start of the year I did achieve and that is fantastic. I wanted to go pro, which I did. I wanted to cash in tournaments for $100k, I cashed for over $200k (closing in to that $250k badge). Although I did not reach PocketFives Top 300 rankings, I am still happy with what I achieved. All I got to do is to move beyond my current results.

I am happy making enough money to support my family and have the freedom that poker gives you. Even if I would now find a job in IT, I still would not make close enough money to what I made in 2016 by playing poker. So it is funny when people tell me to get a 'real' job. :D


After this post in couple of days I will make another 2 entries. One entry will be for 2017 Plans & Goals and second will be an article I've been working on the last few days. I just need to complete few more edits before I post it. Hopefully you guys will like it.



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Visai labi, kvalitatiivi uzrakstiits, prieks lasiit.Veiksmi arii turpmaak, paldies par iedvesmu!:)

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Visai labi' date=' kvalitatiivi uzrakstiits, prieks lasiit.Veiksmi arii turpmaak, paldies par iedvesmu!:)[/quote']


Prieks dzirdet ka nesu kadam ari iedvesmu! :D

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