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Entry 34 : $2519.71(750)

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Alright I tried to run and now I am back to crawling.

Sunday has good tournaments however it seems to be the biggest drain currently.

Going to take a step back haven't fully decided to stop playing on Sunday but may have to go that rout.

Seem to be making the most ground in the HS Wednesday game.

However there was a couple weeks it didn't run and thinking I need to keep my buy in costs down.

So going to play satellites into the bigger games instead of direct buy ins.

Half way back to the full grind on working out and reading.

The current book I am reading is like walking threw a foot of water.

But slowly steadily getting threw it.

Really starting to look like I wont make the 10K needed to direct buy in to my goal tournament.

My back up plan is to just play the mega satellite and see if I can win my way into the damn thing.

Also there will be an Omaha tournament going around the same time that I will most likely be playing.

Two shots at a bracelet got my room booked. Vegas or bust baby!

Semi-Bluff +136.10

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