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re submit from 2011 posts wsop

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The time has come the offers have started rolling into your inbox, according to the poker sites we can all get to WSOP 2011 for free or with a small investment of player points or dollars.This is my year to break the downswing and conquer my poker mediocrity once and for all.The way I see it my opponents aren't beating me I'm just playing bad and making their job much easier,if I was to play text book poker combined with my obvious talent I too would be on the cover of the magazines,but that's not my style.There needs to be a certain arrogance if you hope to be a truly gifted player .Showing bluffs of 3D 8S under the gun is what poker pioneers had in mind when they referred to poker skill not variance odds good cards or the myth of position.Executing this theory I expect to be on my way to Las Vegas this year, if not let the poker gods condemn me to Sydney Australia and the 1c/2c tables of shame.

Registering in a Full tilt main event sit and go right now if you don't hear from me watch ESPN and look for the new big thing in poker.Conversely I may have to explain what went wrong in another blog post but IF i WAS YOU i'D BET AGAINST THAT HAPPENING after all I am the master of my own destiny and the secrets of poker I have outlined here are my ticket how could I possibly fail.

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