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Keep dropping my roll, any similarities?

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Buying in for short stack $250 at casino $2/$3 NLHE $100/$500 buy in tables. Learned internet kids are basically colluding by summising that I will be playing top 5% range .What they tell each other and everyone else in earshot is that if I am in the hand, then I am in the hand, or if they reraise me light I will only be able to continue with solid holdings TT+ AJo+. Does this make me a donkey pussy? or a weak tight clown or will they brand me with some other label? Like a lame horse/donkey? Words hurt.

Maybe I am being a bit too precious, afterall I won't be playing in such a manner , my hands will include Jh8h from mid position and any consecutive or gapped holdings. That should throw them off, unfortunately what I do is the total annihalation of my stack with AcTd vs baby poker and his mate who after raising pre with BTN JJ hits a bloodyy set on the flop. Being short and wily I shove looking to take it down with any ace or at least hit a back door straight . What are the odds of me losing? Well they can't be that bad and after all having misread or rather remembering my hand wrong my heart starts to flutter with every heart that hits the board. So after successfully willing the flush all the way by the time we get to the river and the four flush completes I am all hyped to smack the smug little internet encyclopaedia with a bad play come good. Before I mistakenly turn my hand over with the intent and confidence of a winner my mind has already started deconstructing how they will be chasing me on every subsequent hand and after tightening up and playing a range that is the polar opposite to what my usual bored self plays I will stack them , re stack them etc etc. Now normally I avoid stacking people , leaving them with something to play with rather than send them to the cage but these guys can turn even the most gentle, considerate , buddah like(physically and emotionally) person into a ruthless thrash machine stealing kids lunch money with crooked dice or marked cards.

However as you have probably already caught on I held Ad not Ah and having earlier that day waited for a spot on the table for 3 hours there is a story to why I was not rebuying after this mad donation to mediocre man.


The $1/$3 PLO tables had a spot so hey how bad could it be? Normally when I play online and chase hands I do ok, and I'm going to play conservative just to play a fw rounds and kill time till NLHE spot opens up how bad could I do? If anything it may be a smart play and a new beginning where I play PLO instead of NLHE afterall the pots are massive even at these stakes. First hand I hit trip 5's on the flop and get smashed by a set of 7's then with AAxx i lose to an ugly straight after failing to reload in time and only having $40 or so to push my opponent out with, so his crap broke me and possibly saved me $200 because if I had reloaded I'd say he still would've called my $200+ shove anyway.

Where does this leave me, aside from a poker room I had no business being in. What I had done from the get go was set myself up to fail, or at least go broke for the day. Walking in to a card room with $500 which amounts to one regular buyin or two to three problem inducing short buy ins was mistake one through six, seven being my hand range.

Please refrain from searching me out in the card rooms of the world as the lesson has been absorbed and my new philosophy is fool proof or at least allows me to hang around longer and bluff bigger.Next time I enter a card room I will be holding more money , that should work out better, Vegas The Mirage and all that crap, here I come.

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