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Traveling from Dublin to Galway, Ireland




It's 5:30pm right now in Galway, Ireland. I have been staying at an amazing hostel here for three days called the Galway City Hostel (pictured below).


I just finished watching Dublin beat Scotland in a big rugby game at the pub below where I'm staying with some local friends that I met last night. Another bucket list item to cross off the list.

Last night was the first time I've got to play live poker in Ireland. The casino was very interesting. It is certainly not the type of casino I am accustom to in the United States. It was a small room with just a few tables. Only 1/2 was running but it had no max buyin so the game did start to get bigger by the end of the night. Long story short, the players were very fun to play with and I ended the night +$550 over about 7 hours of play. I had lots of fun playing and I'm excited to get back to Dublin to start the Irish Poker Open.

I really love Galway. The people are great, the city is beautiful, you can walk everywhere, and did I mention the city is beautiful? Don't believe me? Look for yourself...









The Irish really love to drink. There is a pub on every corner and the atmosphere has just be incredible. I have drank more Guinness in the past 5 days than I ever have in my entire life. I have a feeling tonight will be no different :)

Also, shoutout to my two new buds from Manchester. I had a blast with these guys my first night in Galway!


Sorry if this blog isn't very detailed. I am trying spend as little of time possible on these types of things so I'm not taking too much time away from the whole experience.

Dream Big and Take Risks!

Chris Perkins

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I also enjoy your blog.


I have been to the places you are talking about ( although not playing poker). Ireland is great, people we met were very friendly. I'm sure the rest of your trip will also be amazing. Enjoy it, and you are definitely correct, do not take it for granted.


PS. your blog does not come off as a brag

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