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Just Me and My Backpack (The Dublin to Amsterdam Addition) Chris Perkins





I am not sure where I left off with my last blog post but I'm sure a lot has happened since then.

The Irish Open was an unbelievable experience. The resort that the event took place in was wonderful and the people made it very special.

In my first event I played, I was lucky enough to play with a legend, Niall Farrell! He even bought me a beer. A really funny and nice guy to be around. CHEERS!

Also, during this event, I met wackyJaxon (long time PocketfFiver and now doing media for Poker News). He did a short interview with me during the first break of the 6max event. Keep in mind, I was a couple Guinness deep so go easy on me :)


I played three 2/5 cash game sessions in Dublin and profited in all of them.

I played 6 or 7 tournaments and while I had a lot of deep runs, I only cashed one tournament. Luckily, I got second place in the mini main event for 9,200EURO! Here's a picture from the final table (I'm in seat 2 with the green hoodie):


My honest review of the Irish Poker Open:

Venue: A-

The CityWest Hotel is beautiful. The food was above average and the service inside the restaurants was very good.

Dealers: B-

It was hit or miss with the dealers. Most of them were very good at dealing, but many of them seem to not want to be there. It ruins the experience for me when the dealers seem unhappy and not willing to socialize. Having said that, I understand they are working long hard hours and it is a very tough thing to do day in and day out.

Floor: B+

I had no real issues with the floor managers. Everything seemed fairly smooth. If you had a question, it got answered in a timely manner. All were very respectful to me.

Drink Servers: D

It was really hard to get service while playing. Similar to the dealers, the servers seemed to not be very happy or excited about their job. They were under staffed and would never check up on their customers, even after I would give BIG tips. Hopefully something changes for next years event.

Action: B+

The cash game action was pretty good. If I do it again next year, I wouldn't start my cash game session until after 9:00pm. That's when the action seemed to really pick up. Also, the Norwegians bring the fun!

I forgot to mention, I got on the featured table in Event #1 6max. When I got to the table, I think there were 25 players left and 17 made the money. If you interested in seeing some of it, you can watch it here: I sit down at around 3:30 into video.


Where am I now?

Currently, I am on the top bunk, in a hostel, in Amsterdam. I have been here for 3 days and am leaving tomorrow. During my few days here, I have felt somewhat under the weather and have only played one 2/5 cash session. I made 600euros in that session which helps pay for my trip.

Tomorrow I leave Amsterdam to go to Rotterdam. It looks to be about an hour south of Amsterdam. This wasn't originally planned, but a German player told me about this series in Rotterdam while I was in Ireland and it seemed like a decent stop. Send me a message if you will be at this series.

Here is the Rotterdam Poker Series Schedule:



I hope that someone out there, grinding low stakes, reads this and is given hope. For the longest time I dreamed to be able to do this. Things ave now fallen into place. YOU CAN DO THIS TOO! I am not special in any way other than the fact that I have a will to win and am obsessive with surviving in this game/life. Work hard, stay balanced, live for the moment, take risks, DO NOT BE AFRAID!

Chris Perkins


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