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Pocket 5's changes requirements

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Hello, Pocket 5's recently changed their system and now only adds results of tournaments with 100 entries or more and they removed over 100k worth of tournament earnings from my profile, as I play mostly omaha and plo8/nlo8 where there are almost 80% of tournaments with less than 100 players this site is no longer viable in tracking my stats so please keep that in mind when you view my profile, a horrible move by pockets 5's staff, this is now the " Pocket 5's now limit holdem leaderboards " not the real poker leaderboards, 

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And also about my previous post about the removal of results from pocket 5's rankings that have 100 players or less, I don't mind that Pocket 5's decided to change their rules, my main concern was that they removed over approximately 100k worth of tournament results from my profile, I think that was lame because those were earned during the previous rules, and just an example of why this new rule doesn't make any sense, If some guy is playing the micros and plays a $2 buy in plo tournament and wins and there are 200 players, he gets a bunch of points because it qualifies, but if I play a $55 plo tournament and there are 90 players my points don't register on pocket 5's although I would have won considerably more money and beaten a likely much higher caliber of player. So I think it makes no sense and totally alters the real rankings as you can see I was ranked like 1700 ww prior to the changes now i'm like 2500 ww because about 75% of my results aren't qualifying. #notmyp5's 🙂 hashtag is a joke but you get my point I hope.

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