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Marching forward

By: Goldenad
Published: Apr 6th, 2011
I wish I had a lot to say about my poker game in March but frankly I didn't play that much. I was busy with school for most of the month, and although I did have a week off for spring break, I think i only played three of the 10 days i had off.

Sharkscope had me up $1345 in March but I definitely finished up a few hundred dollars more since I sold action for three packages that I bricked on. Anywho, low volume as you can see, and its something I'm hoping to reverse over the summer. I had five tables though three of them were quite small:

- 2nd FTP $55 25k for $4479.50
- 5th PS $27ko for $307.80
- 7th $22 12.5k for $604.16
- 2nd $55 500 cap for $2733.25
- 3rd $27.50 500 cap, big ante for $640.37

I'm still looking for that elusive first significant win of 2011. With my limited volume I've had a ton of final tables but the only victory ive sealed was in a small $27.50 capped tournament for $1755 way back in the first week of January. So far my 2011 final table results look like

2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd
3rd 3rd 3rd
5th 5th
7th 7th
8th 8th
9th 9th 9th

I've bricked the last handful of sessions so I'm on about a 5k downswing (though 60% of this action was bought by other people so really I'm down a lot less). Playing on my own has been an interesting experience so far and I'm still happy with my decision. After a bad session I might long to be backed since it hurts less to lose someone else's money, but in the long run I think this was the right choice. I havent had too much trouble dropping stakes during the weekdays. I used to play 109s and the 20r during the week, but these days I've cut out everything but the 75 superstack. Other than that tournament I've only been playing the 55s and 10r and below, mostly to get my feet under me. I dont want to face a large downswing right out of the gates so even though I have the bankroll for 75s and the 20r I'd rather just take it slow for now. On Sundays it has been harder to break my old habits so I have been selling action to all the $75+ and majors. I havent had a good Sunday in awhile which is completely common but still frustrating. Playing only once or twice a week isnt a good way to make money playing poker, and when half of your volume comes on Sundays youre going to have to embrace incredible swings. I think in the future I'm going to cut out some of the standard Sunday tourneys that I've been playing in the past, stuff like the FTP $109, Warmup, Brawl, etc. This way I can focus on the tournaments I have 100% of my action in and have a much bigger edge in. Its tough to not go after the glory of the big score, but I think I can hold off for now, at least until I can put in more volume.

Anyway, school is gearing up and the next few weeks are crunch time. I'm taking four classes and thankfully I don't have any final exams, rather just a paper/project for each class. That means at the very latest I'll be done with all of my school responsibilities on May 3rd. I can't jump the gun though, before May comes I have a few things to look forward to, including meeting the one and only Shanetrain22 who will be in the NYC area in mid-April as well as seeing Louis CK do standup at the Borgata with my girlfriend.

In terms of SCOOP, I definitely plan on playing a handful of the low and mid events. I'm really looking forward to the huge prizepools and fantastic structure. I'll probably sell a big package on 2+2 and hopefully get a big score for me and my investors.

At the end of May I'm going to go on vacation with my girlfriend but our plans are still up in the air. Right now we're thinking of going to Costa Rica but there is still a chance we hold off for a few months and go in August or over the winter holidays.

As for Las Vegas, I'll be there around the first week of June for 7-10 days. Once again I'm going to be selling action for a few live tournaments. Since I'm on my own dime this year I will probably skip the WSOP 1k and stick to the Venetian tournaments that range from $300-500. I have a house with a handful of good guys including Shanetrain, Fenway King, Mastap, Funnygut, JTJ, Sirswish, Grindtherail etc. Even though I'll only be there for a week it should be a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to it. Last year I had a ball in Vegas and although I didnt do well, it was fun to be in that environment and be able to focus solely on grinding.

I think thats it for now.

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