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  1. was gaining traction in 8-game 0.5/1 but then took a shot at 1/2 and got smothered. insane rivers on PLO that i should fold but call out of frustration, losing in 2-7 not hitting when they do or draw 2 OOP guys hitting nuts or #2 on 1st draw etc. Told myself i'd play tight but frustration setting in losing big hands or being scooped in split games by the river. Will go back to 0.5/1 and stay there for a while and recoup losses and try to be a big winner there first.

    My question is, how much of this is variance and how much is me being a tilted donk? i do consider myself a donk still specially in PLO since i can't seem to find the fold button when my nut flush is beat when the river pairs. I don't want to give up so will stay at 0.5/1 and when playing 1/2 will focus on 2 tables max without MTTs on the side. I think too many tables was bad too cannot make optimal plays (2 1/2 and 2 0.5/1 and 2 or 4 MTTs and lacking sleep).

    We need discipline golteb, we can do this and win at this game. Sick variance though i'm telling you. Love 8-game so much i am willing to donate for now as long as MTT winnings covering it at least lol

  2. still losing @ 0.5/1.0 primarily from tilting when fucking morans hit the river on a massive pot scooping the shit out of me with crap. insane how much i have donated to this game trying to bluff unbluffable morans and running bad on big pots and chasing too much imo. like i know what i need to do but i just don't do it, how stupid is that? My winning sessions were mostly when i 4-table 8-game and play my premium hands/draws and semi-bluff bluffable players. i don't know but i guess sometimes i just make it too fancy and get mad when they call or when i value bet them to death until they suckout. sigh i will improve in this game cause i love all the games but maybe it will take a while to make back what i donated so far and A LOT of discipline while playing. I think I am also giving up easily when i get coolered etc. etc. etc. Stars is just plain killing me as well in MTTs....i'll stop whining now bye

  3. after a nice run last week on the cash tables (badugi), it went downhill from there during the weekend. Attempted $1/$2 and got owned or was probably not getting my fair share of the draws. No execuses though, i played like the donks i was getting $$$ from in 0.5/1. Pat pre draw with J and going to showdown even if villain was pat after 2nd draw, playing way too many hand OOP, not hitting when raising pre with A24 or any 3 card badugi 6 and lower, etc. etc.

    Stick to $0.5/$1.0 first and play the mixed games too at that level. BR dropped by almost half, such a degen when on tilt. Heard some sad news back home that might have unleashed the evil tilted golteb blasting through the BR like it's play money. I reviewed old cash hands from 2 years ago and this happened too. Seriously, stick to the plan and don't move up too soon.

    But still the action at $0.5/$1.0 and indeed even $1/$2 are beatable, lots of players who most likely play higher in their specialties try the games out and donate because for them $20 or $40 is nothing perhaps. Oh well, this is a nice kick in the butt so wise up golteb!!!

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