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  1. So my son is now 2 weeks old. I thought having an infant would be fairly tough but I figured since my wife would be home and not working she'd primarily be taking care of the kids. I massively underestimated how difficult an infant is. I rely on sleep to function. The infant wakes up and cries every 2 hours. Stringing consistent sleep together has been tough. I also never realized how emotional women get after pregnancy. It's pretty brutal. They generally spazz out for no reason because their hormones are going nuts. Also, my wife is breast feeding but the kid won't suck on the nipple so she has to pump milk and then feed it to him in a bottle. that makes the whole process absurdly time consuming. Emotional wife with no sleep does not equal a calm happy house which I obviously prefer. I'm looking forward to when my kid sleeps through the night and my wife is no longer breast feeding. That will be a beautiful day.

    On the poker front things are good. I played a couple sessions this past week and FTed the UB $129 buyin $20k guaranteed and also the UB $50 rebuy. I finished 6th or so in both so not the end result we wanted but I played great and it always feels good to FT. I plan to get more playing time in now and I'm sure I'll be making some decent runs. I've cut back on the number of players I manage and that's taken a lot of stress out of my life. Running a backing fund has been really time consuming and stressful. I took on too much and have run myself ragged working way more hours than any reasonable person can comfortably manage. A smaller fund is definitely much easier on me and is starting to make backing more fun again.

  2. So there may be no NFL season this year or at least a shortened NFL season. While that makes me sad, we've got an arena football team where I live in Jacksonville Florida and I've had a blast so far this arena football season. The Jacksonville Sharks are not only one of the best teams in arena football but also one of the most entertaining. Our QB Aaron Garcia at 40 years old is the Arena equivalent of Brett Favre without the painkillers or the constant retirement talk. He owns just about every record an arena QB could own and he has the highest accuracy rating of any QB in the league. Arena is just plain fun. In a nutshell here's the difference between NFL football and arena football. Arena football: lots of offense avg winning team scores 50+ points, There's always action going on, The game is a party more than it is a game, kids enjoy it more, you're not hot and sweaty and exhausted or soaking wet after a game like NFL, no huge crowds to navigate leaving the game, you cant watch away games on tv unless your game is the game of the week, other than rivals you know very little about other teams. NFL football: The game is the talk of the town, The game is a huge rush, every play matters, the game is a huge event, avg ticket costs twice as much as Arena, every TD is exhilarating, you can see all the away games on tv and follow other teams in the league. Hopefully we get a full season of the NFL this year but in the mean time everyone should check out arena football. It's a cheap fun and entertaining experience.

  3. A large number of high stakes players seem to really like multi-entries. I think most people really don't understand how they have and will effect the online poker community going into the future. Multi-entries are a pretty cool idea. Getting to play the FTOPS main event 6 times is definitly fun. However, when you're trying to make a living at this game it has some pretty negative effects on the overall mtt community. Let's step back and think about what multi-entries do to a typical mid to high stakes tourney. Take the nightly $163 on full tile for example. Normally it gets 600 to 700 players. It's likely that 1/3rd of the field plays at a very high level, 1/3rd is competent and 1/3rd doesnt play particularly well. If it were made into a multi-entry with max 4 entries per person then it's likely that the 13rd of the field that plays well takes 4 entries, then 1/3rd that is compentent takes an avg of 2.5 entries and the 1/3rd that plays poorly avgs 1.5 entries. Let's say 600 entries is normal for this tourney. The tourney would now have 1600 entries with half the field being made up of very high level players, 31% of the field being made up of competent players, and 19% of the field being made up of poor players. Obviously in this new tourney a larger % of the field is made up of players who don't add value to the tournament. This has to lower the expected roi of every player in the tournament and also increase variance. I can't imagine how any one could think multi-entries could be good for the poker economy.

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