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A Month of Runs

By: highlite11
Published: Jul 28th, 2010
Been a long time since I blogged, basically since i havent had a win in a while. But i have had a lot of runs. July has been just a ton of runs including 2 3rds in the 100r on stars in a span of 3 days. Just couldnt quite close. 3 straight weeks of not only cashes in the ftp 1k but deep ones. I got 12th the week of the Rush 1k which i wasnt a fan of really but still did well in a9 < a10 to bust. 15th the next week, reshipped an aggro stack with QhJh and lost to AxKx for a large pot. Then this last week I finally made the ft but ill get back to that. Also last week i got 13th in the Super Tuesday when i lost kk < ak beyond heartbreaking :(.

So Monday I FINALLY made the ft of the 1k. I came in with 2/9. Played well too imo. First real hand was kk vs a 15 bb stacks qq. Flop Qxx turn K thank god to keep me from freakin out. Got all in with cl fatsofat which coulda been a ICM disaster but we both had aq and chopped. Eventually we got to 6 handed and there was a 5 bb stack and an 11 bb stack and i had around 30 bigs to be 3/6. I 3 bet AsKs really small against a player named muckducks. He tanked and shoved A10o. Flop came AK9....beautiful right...Turn Q....River.....you guessed it J! To no lie break my heart worse than i ever have had it broken in poker. The pot literally cost me a min of 30k more dollars and thats just if i get 3rd place. Possible like 76k more but nothin i could do and then busted next hand with my 5 bbs kq < aj. So worst heart break I have ever had with what it woulda meant money wise but obv nothin i could do. But would like to congratulate FATSOFAT6969 on takin it down, he played great and is a very nice guy to boot.

Here is an intersting hand from the ft I just wanted to show and a lot of ppl have asked me about:
Full Tilt Poker Game #22623728451: $1K Monday (168645376), Table 23 - 3000/6000 Ante 750 - No Limit Hold'em - 03:31:33 ET - 2010/07/27
Seat 1: muckducks (167,232)
Seat 2: Gags30 (118,426)
Seat 3: highlite11 (368,876)
Seat 5: JMaster130 (113,338)
Seat 6: FatsoFat6969 (526,404)
Seat 7: canofcorn22 (417,628)
Seat 8: evw1 (168,096)
muckducks antes 750
Gags30 antes 750
highlite11 antes 750
JMaster130 antes 750
FatsoFat6969 antes 750
canofcorn22 antes 750
evw1 antes 750
evw1 posts the small blind of 3,000
muckducks posts the big blind of 6,000
The button is in seat #7
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to highlite11 [9s 9d]
Gags30 folds
highlite11 raises to 15,000
JMaster130 folds
FatsoFat6969 has 15 seconds left to act
FatsoFat6969 raises to 37,999
canofcorn22 folds
evw1 folds
muckducks folds
highlite11 has 15 seconds left to act
highlite11 has requested TIME
highlite11 calls 22,999
*** FLOP *** [3d Td Qc]
highlite11 checks
FatsoFat6969 has 15 seconds left to act
FatsoFat6969 has requested TIME
FatsoFat6969 checks
*** TURN *** [3d Td Qc] [2h]
highlite11 has 15 seconds left to act
highlite11 has requested TIME
highlite11 bets 56,000
FatsoFat6969 has 15 seconds left to act
FatsoFat6969 calls 56,000
*** RIVER *** [3d Td Qc 2h] [Th]
highlite11 has 15 seconds left to act
highlite11 checks
FatsoFat6969 has 15 seconds left to act
FatsoFat6969 bets 142,777
highlite11 has 15 seconds left to act
highlite11 has requested TIME
highlite11 folds
Uncalled bet of 142,777 returned to FatsoFat6969
FatsoFat6969 mucks
FatsoFat6969 wins the pot (202,248)

Pretty sick spot where by the end of it, if he had anything it only made sense that he had a 10 with the flop check, since he had some value by hitting middle pair. I have thought about it and honestly wished I had checked the flop bc it seems pretty obv that he didnt want a large pot with me and more likely woulda checked backed the flop keeping the pot smaller. This way i woulda been able to check call and bet on the river, kept the pot small, and at least had a chance at winning the pot while still spending the same amount of chips. I know fatso a bit and later found out wha the had but for now im not gonna post bc not sure he wants that info out there.

Lastnight (Tuesday) i fted the 320 on UB, was cl with like 10 left and basically paid off another big stack every hand in which he always had me crushed so it was my fault and lost kjdd < ak flop akj to bust in 5th. I also got like 7th in the monday 25k on UB. So its nice to be makin fts again and slowly grinding away some makeup.

Thing the biggest part of all the runs is the necessary confidence i boost from so many deep runs in the 1ks in such little time. Ill be grinding hard esp with the FTOPS/UBOC/WCOOP coming wont be much time off. UBOCs are my thing will hopefully be able to ship something during that huge stretch.

gl at the tables


    1. Forgot to say that I did reach a goal this Month of cracking Illinois top 10 and am currently in 8th in one of the toughest States on P5s. Now for the top 100!
    2. Great stuff man, keep it up. As soon as I get back from Barcelona I'll be giving you some more competition for the Illinois rankings, so dont get too comfortable while I'm gone! Hahaha just playing around mate but seriously good stuff, keep up the blogs and keep your nose to the grindstone! GL mate
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