Entry 23 : From $153.55 TO 10K WSOP Razz Championship Event 2017

By: holdemHiLo
Published: Dec 2nd, 2016
Last week I took the easy way out and deposited a fresh $100 into my Black Chip poker.
I feel really conflicted about it because i took the easy way out and I failed to fail.
If I am to afraid to fail on this BS exercise or to weak to fail then how will I be able to face filer when it is going to really matter.
Or to put it another way by gong easy on my self I take away the strength and learning that failure brings.

So as punishment I have decided to force my self to play in at least one of these $10 free rolls every week.
Actually just one a week unless I win it then I will play another one. I need to focus on not having any emotions while playing these free tournaments.
I find my self having huge emotional swings while playing poker so that's something I need to seriously work on.
Also the one I played this week I got 160ish place and its just because I gave up and stopped giving it my all.
In some instances 160ish would be acceptable but only if I have tried my best so I think there is a lot to be gained from these.

Wasted 4 or 5 hours this week and I am now smoking again. I know and can feel how much smoking is holding me back however quitting is on the bottom of my priority list at the moment.

The play pin games where good to me and I had a lot of fun. Combining cash and tournament is the greatest thing ever.
Here in black-hawk they are only aloud to do spread limit games not no-limit.
They should totally run these cage match type tournaments so people can play no-limit cash.
It also prevents people from doing the hit and run and actually forces them to play some poker.
Really think this format could catch on and appeal to both cash and tournament players.

$10 Free Roll: 160ish
Success: +53.30
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