Entry 29 : $2424.57(750)

By: holdemHiLo
Published: Feb 10th, 2017
*WARNING* This is an extremely negative post!

Well I read this book by Tommy Angelo called Elements of Poker and it was a great book.
It made me laugh and got me feeling good for a moment. Moments over.
Anyhow because everyone is pretty much useless fucks you can just skip to the end of the book to the last couple of pages.
Just start reading the section on breathing and there is like 10 pages left in the book after that.

I burned a few hundred dollars out of my roll but I guess I still made a profit the last couple of weeks.
Really still don’t have the patience or discipline to be the best poker player.
This week in the eighty-dollar high roller thing I got my stack up to 40K in chips and I could have just hit sit out and would have made money.
Instead I got greedy and kept playing and lost like 200 bucks.
Then that night I was having dinner with this chick and she was talking like she does and I tried to convers about the stupid shit she was talking about
well she got mad. Really I didn’t need to expend any effort or do anything but sit there and let her talk.
Just trying fucked me. I would have succeeded by not doing a damn thing in both instances.

Way back when I was a kid my own mom turned me into the cops for a victimless crime.
I don’t want to hurt or even really think about any other retched humans.
Don’t give a fuck about them. She did this thinking it was a good thing to try and help me in some fucked up way.
I guess it has helped me to realize all humans are worthless pieces of shit.
Yeah idiot I am including myself when I say all humans. I too am cursed with being a fucking human.
But all things being equal it’s all good rite. I do love my mom.
It’s the people who act like they are good who you really have to keep an eye on.

So I guess I need to be more stupid and not try and just let the world take me to where ever.
I need to be heartless and ruthless.
I hope everyone dies and the funny thing is you all are going to die ha.
Going to make this world kill me bring on the suffering and pain one day I will die and be released at least that’s guaranteed.

Okay well so I made a couple bucks and was unable to fold when it was full house over full house.
Sounds like a hard spot to fold in but really I should have known better.
It was just so obvious and I wanted a bigger stack and didn’t stop and think about it.
Really shows me that I have a lot of work left to do on my poker game.

If someone actually wants to see the hand I will do a write up just let me know.

FAIL: +1126.88
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