Entry 32 : $3320.09(750)

By: holdemHiLo
Published: Mar 10th, 2017
Well hit a bump in the road.

Took a shot at the 10/20 stud hi/lo cash game -460 but it was fun.
That game ended up having a movement of about $100 + or - for each hand played out.

Played a little live but really holdem is not my game and I am finding it more profitable and fun to play online.
However I do plan to give some bigger live tournaments a try this year.
Really would like to play some live O8 but because of the wacky laws here it will probably have to be fixed limit or spread limit.

So even tho I am gong to mark this as a fail really these last couple of just been marked based on if I actually increased the roll or not.
This really isn't totally accurate because this week I got back on the work out grind and started reading again and had let those things kind of slip the last 3 weeks prior to this.
Any how still wasted like 6 or 7 hours this week and just feel I have not played my best but still feel successful in that I am pushing and training harder.
Also one week no cigs so giving that a go again.

Just a heads up "Application of no-limit holdem" by Matthew Janda is the worst poker book I have read so far. Its a very hard read that is confusing and I don't think it would be helpful for anyone who is not already very good at holdem. Save it for last maybe I don't know.

Fail: -347.80
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