Entry 33 : $2383.61(750)

By: holdemHiLo
Published: Mar 17th, 2017
Well really kind of fucked it up this week on all fronts.

didnt exercise.
didnt read.

Okay I exercised and read a little but it was marginal.
Any how biggest down swing didnt play my best.

On a happy note I did my first team hand reviews for a tournment with a new freind.
It was very insightful and he was able to see obviouse flaws in my game that I was seemingly blind to.
Really helps to have another mind to bounce things back and forth with.
Its no joke when the pros say having a study buddy and group to think with is very helpful in inproving.
Also got to enjoy a nice fire and some beer and a big juicy steak in the company of a nice lady.

Fail: -$936.48
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