Looking for reconmendations

By: jamier76
Published: Nov 22nd, 2012
Ive been playing and grinding with little results. I was looking for books that help an online player. If you have any recomendations I would truly appreciate.

I wold also like to know about getting a coach. Would it be worth while to do so??

Thanks for any help



    1. hello jamier76

      i am in a similar situation. Depending on what type of game (NLH STT, MTT, cash) i can say that i am reading Dynamic Full Ring Poker for cash, Sit 'n Go Strategy for STT, Every Hand Revealed (taught me how to think) & Raiser's Edge (an advanced book) for MTT. Give Assassinato a try as coach. i also realised for a beginner like me i had to make a choice between cash, STT & MTT as they are all different type of games and i cannot master them all at once - perhaps over time - then again every player is different. Experience is also key, you can get better the more you play, if you study your own game!

      Good luck!
    2. Hey Bro, all the reading is well, part of it, but the play is where it happens...Just play play play..Its what all the pros have did..All the big authors, all trial and error players...I played, and tried to win for 18 months before I got sklanskys thoery of poker, by the time i read it, i had already learned almost eveything in the book, the hard painfull way...same with the harrington books...point is, just play man..Its a life of loosing, and if you hate loosing, you'll get better...
    3. hey jamier,

      taking a stab at what you think might be causing you to stall would help a lot. there are almost infinite things within poker that we can target to improve. could you take a stab at why you think this is happening?
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