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  1. Just bought my return ticket for the APPT week. I am leaving one day later than originally planned, the ticket was half the price direct to Macau. So this will leave me one day less to try to qualify.

    I'll basically have the opportunity to play 3 HK$4200 satties before day 1c plus maybe a 4k side event. I'll probably play a lot of cash games the 1st 2 days to see how it goes and if I can hope winning the 30k I need at the tables, but I won't be able to play over 10/20 so it will be near impossible. Realistically I play cash to pay for the satties, and If I don't qualify for the ME, I have 3 days to turn the trip into a profitable one playing cash during the ME.

    I never lost money in Macau, I won;t start this time.

    Oh, I still have 250 on stars to play satties, but no hope there.

  2. I have not posted in a while, and I guess that's because my roll went south by a lot.

    Last time I wrote smth, I had a W$350 roll, a week ago I was down to W$70, A couple of no cash in sattie, two 22r to APPT Macau... oh and some steps where I can't get past step 1. (Seriously, played 1 yesterday, I 3 bet AQ, get called by 34ss and lose to a flush on a Q high flop... typical step hand for me)

    So I was down to $70, and then I went 3/4 in my last satties and am back over W$300. I have only played around 20 satties this month, and that is perfect, just shoot 1 or 2 while watching a movie.

    Still I'd like to use that to try to qualify for APPT Macau, not sure if I try the 22r again, or wait till I have like 600 to play the 475, but I would only have one try at that, and pushing my roll to 600 might take 2-3 weeks, APPT is in 4 weeks. We'll see.

    Anyway, I will be in Macau during the APPT, took my holiday and about to buy my plane ticket. Can't wait. I'll have the first 3-4 days to try to win enough or qualify for the ME. I really hope I can play it.

  3. Nice I just wrote a long post and got the access denied screen.


    - went 2/7 in 5r and 8r satties to 109 yesterday

    - Disappointing $36 profit

    - Should have gone 3/7 if not for TT<22 for big chip lead in No 7

    - Could make $150 if 3/7, which would be a normal session

    - BR up to W$351

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