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May Summary

By: lukaluka05
Published: Jun 2nd, 2010
I'm not good at blogging here anymore. I had my worst month ever this May. As a matter of fact, May and Aprils losses have erased my entire profit from Jan/Feb/March. Sick to say after 5 months of the year I have broken even. FTOPS/SCOOP were very bad to me as were most MTTs. The times I FT'ed I'd get 7th,8th,9th and wasn't getting top 3 finishes. I guess I've been lucky to never run really bad. I've had losing months but this just seemed outrageous. I've also lost money learning 2/4 PLO 6 Max cash games. I'm okay with that as I need to put some time in figuring out how to be profitable at it. I'm getting there. On a positive note I reached Supernova on Stars. I have like 300k plus points whatever the hell they are. I know that can be converted to cash so I'd say I'm above even for whatever those points are worth, 4k plus maybe. I also had a good PLO 2/4 session today and made 4k+. Trick is not to lose it all tomorrow!! It's funny but losing this much really has me motivated. Not to chase but to just really analyze the cash game hands I play and work on improving. I've noticed some top players post how they were originally losers at poker. To keep losing and depositing they must have had a strong desire to try and learn to beat the game. When I started on Party I made money from the start and never really had that hunger. I think I'm getting it now. I want to be a successful 2/4 PLO player and I'm going to work on my game to get there. Here's to a better June!! gl gl
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