Three sessions in and already I am a crybaby.
Well I started back at the felt after a time out, and man has it started poorly for me. I have three sessions of 100 in and all three have been in the negative. I have a total of only 25 hours or so in so far and I know that is not even close to the long run.
I thought to myself, WEll self you want to start easy and just get back in the rhythm. There have not been any 8/16 games at Wild Horse Pass (One of my local casinos) and I haven't gone out to Talking Stick (The other major card room, and the one I think I need to make my home base from now on).
So I have started back at 4/8 limit. WOW.... I know I know I put myself here. I can not buy a positive session it seems like. The call all and the lets see one more are beating me soundly right now.
I am down 600.00 for three sessions. I have been here before and I know it is not a terrible hole but a whole none the less. most of my cost is in basic blinds at 4 sets of blinds per hour average (Yes I track and time the button and the blinds in my sessions) it is a cost of 24 dollars an hour to sit and fold a round if you don't find a good spot and I unfortunately am pretty nitty at the table I really need to see value or I fold a lot. I don't wait only for aces or kings but I need money in the pot and I don't chase a lot of pots. I look for ROI and with the rake so high I have to adjust and actually need players in the hand to cover that cost as well so I am not really looking to be heads up much at all. I am not passive and I don't play weak at all the raise for me is a regular thing especially after the flop when I know my outs and how many are going to contribute value.

I don't have any qualm putting chips in play and in position I will see a flop with traffic pretty open since I can control my post flop cost most of the time. I am just getting clipped by the deck on a regular basis right now. I will be posting session log information on the next update.

I know this is not uncommon and it "SHOULD NOT" last, but I have run cold before and it can go for a bit. Playing through this is the challenge. I need to maintain confidence in my plan and in my own understanding of what is going on and what I expect to go on.

Just for an example: Three limpers ME one off button, KQ'S (hearts) I raise no biggy. button calls BB calls three limpers call. 6 of us to the flop. (Qs, 7h3h) ME top pair decent kicker flush draw:: one better I raise, Button call two cold, BB calls two cold better calls two drop out.. Turn 2s:: check to me I bet button calls BB folds early calls. River Td early bets into two of us (????) I call not knowing what the hell he is on for sure and the button calls also so now I am not sure where I am... Early flips over (T-7s) for two pair on the river. Button turns over (Q3s for the win and claims I had the button and I was suited I had to call. Now this is not uncommon for a 4/8 game and I am ok with this. BUT...I have been kicked like this over and over for the last three sessions. I am getting bruised and banged emotionaly.

Now for my own piece of mind or my own excuse like I stated above if I just pay the 2/4 blinds and do not complete a small blind it is 24.00 an hour to sit and watch..(I think this is another reason to get up to 8/16 or 2/100 spread as fast as possible) I have logged about 25 hours and 25.0*24.0 is 600.0 the exact amput I am down this doesnt actually make sense to me right now but I will go back and double check my notes.
Does this make me a break even or a looser as this is a standard bussines cost to be at the table.

Well I have work to do now it is dry run practice day for me for the morning and back at the table for the night wish me luck and I will keep all informed care or not.