December Results- "Ladders, Ladders, Wherefore Art Thou Ladders"

By: pgt4jc
Published: Jan 3rd, 2018
After my Father-in-laws death my wife and I spent about a week with my Mother-in-law at the beginning of the month and then of course as a pastor the month of December is pretty busy. All that to say I only got to play 16 of the 31 days but happy to say the little I did play, I had some really nice results and showed a decent profit yet again this month.

However, with that being said I left a lot on the table. Three times during the last half of the month I final tabled Merge’s biggest tourney of the day. In all 3 I entered the final table as chip leader but only managed a 3rd and two 8th place finishes. In both of the 8th’s I suffered horrible run-outs to get short-stacked and then ironically enough QQ<1010 in both to bust. Amazing that just a couple of ladders would have doubled my profit for the month and of course winning each would have made for yet another 10k+ profit month. Oh well…will just have to be content with what we got…but man oh man would have been a nice way to finish the year.

In other news, Adam Small, the owner of PocketFives contacted me towards the beginning of the month to see if he could interview me for an article he was writing about Pennsylvania getting regulated for online poker. I of course said yes and I thought he did a great job with the interview of myself and 2 other players from here in PA. You can read the article here.

Ok onto December’s breakdown. I’ll do a year-end re-cap in the coming week or so…

99…Tournaments Played
44….Cashes (44.4%)
9.…. Final Tables
5.......Top 3 Finishes
$6796.91 in total cashes (36.20% ROI)

Now onto my Merge up-date. For those not familiar with my blog, Merge stopped allowing Pocket Fives to track scores on September 5th 2016, so what I’m doing here is tracking where I would have been had they not stopped tracking. I do play some on other networks but Merge gets out 95% of my volume so I thought it would be fun and motivating to keep things going as if though it never stopped. I use Poker Dominator to track all tourney’s so these are the most accurate and up-to-date numbers as of the last day of the month.

Merge Lifetime Total: $472005.64
Career Lifetime Total: $536495.83
Career number of Cashes: 4223

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Thanks for reading...please post a comment with your thoughts or anything you'd like me to address in future blogs.
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