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Join Date: Mar 22nd, 2018
1 Bink Nation
Hey Everyone!! You can check out our website at ! I hope you all enjoy our show! Details coming SOON on a new way to catch Cooltart and me, Bane Jah, on the hottest new show, Bink Nation! #DoYouEvenBinkBro'!' We Bring you the latest news from the poker world, online and live, we review poker movies, gambling style movies, how many binks do YOU give it'' DO NOT MISS IT!! We cant wait to hear from ...
Published: Mar 28th, 2018
Join Date: May 14th, 2013
21 April and May Results- How I Cash a Large % of Tourneys
April and May were once again limited in the amount of time I had to play poker. We finally have a closing date for selling our old house and then buying the new one but there were still plenty of things that needed to be done in the meantime. My hope now is to get back to a normal schedule by July. However, so as to not keep belaboring my lack of time to grind month after month, let’s switch ...
Published: Jun 1st, 2018
manila re
Join Date: Feb 27th, 2010
10 Dude, New Years ? Really?
1. Stop reading shitty blogs 2. Report shitty blog to mods 3. Regret reporting shitty blog , afterall all blogs are shitty and what the f do I read now' 4. Stop concentrating on shitty blogs and actually get a resolution list going 5. AKo is not infallible, realise that it can lose and the old guy calling with Qd8d is sometimes going to get there, serenity now. 6. Start a band made up of ...
Published: Dec 30th, 2017