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Join Date: Jul 24th, 2009
12 Heads Up for the WSOPC Ring
It's been a while ladies and gents! Before I get started I just want to say thank you to anyone who has ever rooted for my success or rooted me on during my live and online sweats. This year has been absolutely crazy. It started with me playing 90% online poker and ended with me playing 90% live poker. I have traveled more this year than ever before, playing poker in 7 different states ...
Published: Nov 27th, 2017
Join Date: May 26th, 2005
1 Why December will be my best month in 2018
There was a brief moment at the Cherokee WSOPc where I got to really experience the excitement of being at a major event with friends.* Coming out of a break I darted over to 1dullgeek's table to check on his stack,* he was sitting on about 150k in chips in the 8 max event while I had amassed 43k in a very soft plo8 field.* After a brief discussion we ended with a fist bump and a lets do this.* ...
Published: Nov 30th, 2017
Join Date: Dec 16th, 2013
4 Top Tips for Dads trying to maintain the Poker life
Full Disclosure... I went through a messy divorce this past year, lost my father and grandfather all in the same time period. My bankroll suffered indirectly. My play wasn't up to par , mixed with a downswing , and playing above my bankroll just lead to disastrous results. Now I could sit around and say boo hoo look at me , But I grinded through and came out stronger because of it. I made ...
Published: Sep 12th, 2017
Join Date: May 14th, 2013
19 January 2018 Results- "We Go Streaking"
The year started off great! Picked-up a win the 3rd day in and then another in the Nightly $33 around mid-month. Add on top of that a bunch of other good scores and by the middle of the month I had a few thousands in profit and was virtually guaranteed that I’d have a winning month. And that’s where the problem occurred. I have a bad habit when I’m guaranteed a winning month like that to ...
Published: Feb 2nd, 2018
manila re
Join Date: Feb 27th, 2010
10 Dude, New Years ? Really?
1. Stop reading shitty blogs 2. Report shitty blog to mods 3. Regret reporting shitty blog , afterall all blogs are shitty and what the f do I read now' 4. Stop concentrating on shitty blogs and actually get a resolution list going 5. AKo is not infallible, realise that it can lose and the old guy calling with Qd8d is sometimes going to get there, serenity now. 6. Start a band made up of ...
Published: Dec 30th, 2017