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Published: Jun 30th, 2010
So summer has been unreal so far! been travling all over the country playing a little bit of poker, while aslo playing golf and caddying. At the moment I'm in North Carolina at the North South amautuer at Pinehurst! Shits unreal down here. The course is in alright conditions but were ready to compete and win this shit! I'm caddying for an old friend who I stayed with in Minnesotaa few weeks back. I'm really looking forward to room this coming up school year with Swagsosick! Were best friends and we've finally decieded to move in together ( I think) and play online and live all of next year. Which will be fun I hope. Hopefully we can back eachother all year and ship some pretty big sunday majors and just have a great overall year. Secondly, summer has been a hell of a grind, I've been working to much and just partying way to much to even make a run in any major mtts all over the net. I have no time to play as much as I want to but try and make things happen when I'm playing online or live. My volume has dropped sinscerely over the past month in a half. I try and just have fun with poker in the summer, not taking it to heart if I lose. Mainly because I have a real job in the summer and will not beat myself up over a couple 100 lost in poker games. Althoguh, if this was the school year I'm defintiely putting a limit on my bankroll and trying to manged myself to conquer my stakes at a rate I know i can win. I want to keep up the grind over the summer and will see what happens at that. Golf has been unreal for me..shooting on avrg now anywhere from +2 to +8 over pair on pair 72s or pair 71s. My golf team over the summer has a sick tourny held in southern Ohio so i'm looking forward to that. I'm single and just living the life like any other poker player/ college student would...partying, work, and trying to find some time to practice golfing and grinding online.

Swagososick lately has past me in the PLB which kinda ticked me off, but only to think he past me up because I have a real summer job, and he plays poker for a living so just wait unitl school comes around I'lll pass him back up in know time. the kid kicked off june by winnning more the 5k to my like nothing maybe 2k but hopefully i'll bink something soon. Swagsosick is a beast and I want to thank him for teaching me and helping talk over hands and allowing me to be backed by him aloud me to play in events i didnt have the buy-ins for before I climbed out of my shell and mangaged to win almost 20k in almost 2 months. He's been a big help to my game and I wanted to let him know that! thanks swagsosick!!! keep up the good work bro and win a sunday major...plz?!

So a while back somoeone hacked into my account and tried to say I was cheated while playing under the name "Chock is rockin" which isn't true. I'm just glad those days are over. I never want to hurt the community I hold out my hand too, and I never want to hurt my peers as well who look up to me for advice and for the few students I had over the last two months, I'm just glad its all over and I can move on without anymore shady PMs and ppl saying im chockin becasue i'm not.

Hope everyone runs well and keep up the good work pocket fives for having such a great site and a great but close community we all can trust!

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