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25NL Micromanaging 6 tables at a time.

By: RustyNail
Published: Dec 17th, 2008
Cashed out most of my bankroll a while back, partly because it was before Christmas and partly because of some of the posibilities that the UIGEA stuff was back in focus. I had very little money left in the account and I knew I sucked at HU so I played lots of 2 dollar HU sngs. I think HUs help your game overall and its a great way to deal with tilt cause you don't have to be overly patient.
Fast forward a little and I'm back up to 6 tabling 25nl now and running at 3.88bb/100 over 6k hands. BB/100 would be alot higher had it not been for 1 really bad day on Dec 4 in which 5 buyins were lost over a bad tilt session. Tommy Angelo says "to win at poker, you have to be very good at losing"- by this he was refering to not playing on tilt. I will agree that is one of the best quotes I have ever heard and it applies really well to this month for me at poker. That Dec 4 day cost me several days of profit and I won't forget it. Anything besides my A game is tilt and I should not play any further. I've read alot about the mental part of the game and its going to stay the primary focus for me in the forseeable future.
12/1 - 12/17 money won without showdown is going up consistently, 3bet percentage at 5.25 need to get that up. 19/11 AF 2.
Tried some 6max with just 2 tables and did well making about 3 buyins one day, mainly just trying it out in cash to see how it went..
Quit smoking and I swear it is helping my play. Remission is problably the better word cause I have smoked for many years and quit quite a few times. Smoking I think definetly affects heart rate and mental ability cause you need that fix at some point.
KK is my favorite hand here lately with over 100 bucks made on it here recently. Best profit hands this month KK,88,AA,Aqo,JJ,KQo,KJs,Aqs,ak, and my personal fav 22. Alright now the worst hands of the month and ones to be more careful with 77,99,k5o,64s,j9o,qq,75s,a7o,qts.
Areas to work on
1. Follow the gut, especially if it mentions out of the blue the exact cards the opponent may have.
2. BB - losing chunks of money there and showing profit in all the other positions
3. 2 buyin loss limit - no more playing for the day
4. Review hands - spend more time looking at the good and the bad.
5. Sit out watch others play- try to figure out what they have.
6. Enjoying the game-have fun and lose the negativity.

GL at the tables, Rusty


    1. Heya mate, I've been reading your blog with intrigue. You seem to have a good poker head on your shoulders and it shouldn't be long at all before you're moving up the levels.

      I wondered if the two of us (because I play the same level, only it's technically $20NL) could work on a mutual basis to share hands and so on to improve each other's game? I'm playing pretty well at the moment, and like I said I think you play pretty well from what I read, so it might be good for the two of us? Lemme know what you think

    2. You seem to have a very good attitide towards poker. I've also recently gotten back into the grind after cashing out most of my BR.

      Would definately be up for some HH discussion and general poker talk. I will be back up at the 25nl cash level pretty soon , focusing on HU and 6max. Playing mostly on pacific then moving to Cake and Bodog respectively.

      PM me if you want msn/ aim sn.

      GL at the tables.

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