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2014 Year in Review

By: silverscull
Published: Nov 22nd, 2014
I haven't blogged since last year's relatively early exit from the WSOP Seniors event. Not much else happened poker-wise in 2013. I played a NLH Cash game, along with my older brother, at Parx Casino in Philly. Both of us managed to lose our entire $150 Buy-Ins without winning a hand. I lost my bankroll on a single hand when my Pocket Queens were cracked by a 75o straight.

This year was a bit different. I do have some highlights in what was a fairly interesting poker year.

Live Poker: Last year, I played just the WSOP as my one and only tournament. In retrospect, that was not a smart thing to do. All I had as practice leading up to it was Playchip tourneys on PokerStars. As Mike Sexton says, Playchips poker is not real poker (or words to that effect). If I ever do go back to the WSOP, I will have some tournament cashes under my belt in the months preceding it.

This year, I played 9 tournaments. Eight were at good old Viejas and 1 at a remote outpost called Diamond Jim's in Rosamund, CA. I had three cashes for the year (all three were 3 or 4-way splits). I also took a horrific bubble in one and suffered a terrible beat in another when my set of eights were rivered by a Queen with someone holding QQ deep in a tournament. All in all, I played fairly well, albeit a bit too tight.

I played some live NLH and Limit cash games. The majority of sessions were not particularly profitable and one 3/6 session was particularly brutal. I really am more of a tournament guy.

I may have an opportunity to play a couple tournaments in Baltimore next month. We'll see what transpires.

Online Poker: After a three year hiatus, I made my return to online action last September on Carbon Poker. The joy of playing a challenging $5.50 Sit&Go in the comfort of my home was great and something the Government should not deny us in the first place. That joy was somewhat tempered by a pretty bad losing streak and the need to reload. But I kept plugging away, making some deep runs and small (but consistent) cashes in MTTs, but falling short. Last week, I had a breakthrough, a $111.11 First Place cash in a $2.20 rebuy. Finally, the hands where I was ahead pre-flop, stayed ahead after the River. And while I have incurred some dead spells, it isn't because of bad play. I now have a fairly decent bankroll and don't plan on needing to rebuy anytime soon.

Poker Writing Gig: Jack Jermey from gave me a great opportunity to write some articles for pay on his web site. I got a chance to use some of my material from a manuscript I have been playing with for a few years now that discusses strategy for playing all 169 starting hands. Some links to my articles are here (Questions, comments, and snide remarks are always welcome):

As was a British site, I also did a fun piece on Best/Worst places to play Poker in the U.S. (Fort McDowell Casino should thank me)

I even did a review of which I thought was great, but never got published.

So 2014 did a lot to invigorate my interest in the ol' game of poker. Looking forward to bigger and better in 2015.
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